Joshua Thomas

Searching For My Everything, by Joshua Thomas

Sometimes we often search for something to try to fill that empty void,or maybe a replacement to someone we lost,or something we loved so dearly.
For what,I’m not quite sure.I don’t have all the answers to life,nor do I know what your expectation of this is.But what I have experienced over the past few months is that you meet some amazing people all over the world,and it all starts with taking that chance.
Being able to trust a total stranger and commit to someone you have no idea what the outcome may be sounds so rediculous.But only if you’re able to let your guard down and give a person the benefit-of-the-doubt, you’ll find out sooner rather than later that certain situations can change a person life tremendously.It’s kind of like a leap of faith.
You’re never going to get where you want to be in life, nor accomplished what you want unless you believe you’ll find it or attain it some-how.Eventually if you keep striving,your chances is way better than not taking a chance at all.
Some are content with how things play out, while others seek and won’t stop until they’re satisfied with what they’re looking for.
Love is what we all want eventually whether we’re seeking friendship or not.Finding it with the right person can sometimes take more time and maybe frustrate you only if you’re looking for a certain a type,looks,and so on.But that’s not love……How many of your relationships lasted with this perfect type lol.You can miss out on so much in life chasing a beautiful image,but real love is in your innermost spiritual soul.And that’s your heart,not a fantasy…I hope you find what you’re looking for,take a chance on something that’s real that will last a lifetime,not something that is temporary because it will only leave you with stress and heartache……..

Joshua Thomas
DOC #562311

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