so the last couple of weeks I have been watching CNN very closely in I noticed ever one is living out of fear at this moment. s.m.h to this I feel we all as people have to remain strong in have faith. no matter what the case may be. we have to always remain cool. this is a world of challenges!! be ready at all cost in make sure you make the best out of everything. okay I had to bring up that fear about the covid-19 ….. okay so listens to this I know this women name sunshine who is dealing with FEARS . she is beautiful as ever but she just feels as she is not getting proper attention and loving from her partner of almost two years. in the beginning everything was magnificent they got along well they did dates every weekend as well as they traveled monthly when ever they had extra vacation time but about a year into the relationship, things were still great but they were not going out on dates as often or traveling. which was not a biggie. she said but she told me it seem as if he was losing interest in her. so I ask sunshine like what are the reason you feel this way in she let out a sigh in said well I love attention in I feel I don’t get that as much.then she went on to say well like he use to call me daily n always tell ,me good night before bed . I said you know what that is a very important thing. especially if the two of you are in seperate houses the least he can do is wake you with a good morning sexy how did you sleep… right?? or he can at least check in three times out the day. but she say all of this began to fade, in her biggest fear is finding out he is in another relationship and losing him after everything they have been through. so I say well let’s hope he is just going through some personal problems instead. sunshine sighs in say I hope so. but then I ask this well your mind is sort of made up about what he maybe doing . in she said yes. so I say out of fear have you begun to see another man because you believe your into wishen. in of course she said yes. so I am like what’s your reasons well attention, love starved and sexual starved ,in felt as if shes the only one giving . well I say hold up sunshine you have to have facts before you mess up a great relationship. so I say call in talk to him nice in calm just ask one ? at a time in in the end she was astonished about what she found out in on top of that what she thought he was doing she was wrong. so sunshine told him that she felt as everything was weighing on her . she was buying gifts all the time going to to the moon for anything for him and to get nothing in return. she so felt bad in told him what she thought in admitted that she stepped out in began seeing someone. I can hear phone from afar go blank. in a min go by in sunshine say hey there are you still there there he say yes in I’m sorry for not showing you effection. but I will forgive you if you promise to leave that guy alone in I look at her in I can see her pretty bluemeyes begin to fill with tears . she feels so bad for doing this . she hangs up in I tell her like we are human no one is perfect just try to put this in the past. you have to move forward your man was just going through a few minor things in his life . so I’m like work on communication that is the key. so like I always hear women always saying they treat there guys like kings in in the end the women get mistreated guys we gotta step it up no women should feel this way about her man we have to do more romantic things for are ladies they do way more things then we will ever realize. . just sit back in actually think everything our women do for us or the kids is out of love. women are very emotional treat them with care in see how well she acts, don’t let the best person in your life slip away. in ladies with FEARS every man is not the same sometimes you may find a genuine guy when you least expect it. most times they can be right at your work place . well I hope my friend sunshine enjoys this blogg in it helps her out. visit my Facebook Melvin shaws Youngstown Ohio or write me through

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