Anthony Cockroft

Jewels, by Anthony Cockroft

Hope discovered the words “if” and “wish”. Hope manufactured ideas. Hope make life worth while. Hope is loved by lovers and all those who endeavor to do things in life.
Friend is the scarcest thing on earth. A rare visitor to anyone. Friend is glad to know of your success, pity you in your failures and would grab you by the hand when you down and out. Friend ambition is another’s welfare. Friend look to find understanding to the why instead of just turning their back. Friend anger only last a moment, not forever. A friend is like a four leaf clover, “Hard to find and lucky to have.”
Time has been introduce to everybody. Time is very unpopular with women. Though time is also a great wound and sorrow healer. Time is unkind to older folks. Time change a boy into a man and a girl into a woman, (placing gray hair and wrinkles where they are not wanted. Time brings things to an end.
Failure is someone who have idled away their younger days. One who have dissipated. A person who don’t apply themselves to school or business. They find fault with life and with everybody, but never within them self. Failure is a great blamer. Failure is a person who go nowhere in life because never really “try” to accomplish.

Anthony Cockroft
DOC #469497

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