FIVE, by Rudy Carrillo

It’s a vicious deep cut when I feel valued so low.


Hatred is what the world shows.

I get on my knees, as my tears commence to flow.

-Don’t feel unloved, my son,

I hear a voice so gently and low.

-For thirty pieces of silver, that’s how much I was sold.

-I too felt so lonely and cold.

-I died on the cross

‘Cause you’re worth dying for.

-So don’t value yourself of what people say,

Just love them back and we’ll see each other one day.

-Remember this word when you feel

You’re about to decay:


Rudy Carrillo
F-75851 Facility: D Bldg: 5 Cell 2480p
P.O Box 5005
Delano CA 93216

Categories: poems, Rudy Carrillo

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