Lachurn Terry

Prison Life, by Lachurn Terry

today i woke up in this hellhole to the same ass shit each and everyday listing to how they are going back to the community to mess are kids up with that bull…. you would think they would learn their lesson but these lame ass how should i call lets call them duck see in jail you can be anybody you want to be from kingpin to pimp so how did a duck call home and ask her to send these lame ass duck some money to sit up here act like they are getting money in the pen see iam here in a pen were these lame ass duck hate real live player iam player that stay down and get at that check see since a player been in this dysfunction ass camp these duck ass lame dont even talk about going home or their kids the other day they went and ask these lames do they want to go home and a couple of these duck said right out i want to stay now i been down 16 years i was so disappoint at this lame ass duck that i just stop talking these lame sit around and gossip better than a women do how do you suppose to take care of you kids if you are not trying to get at that bag see these lame sit on their beds and call home every store day and cry to their mama ask her and their babymama to send them money to get high or they owe it to the fake dopeman now do that shit sound like some duck shit now all this money in the jail you lames got to call your people you should be sending money to your people instead you taking away from the kids lames ass duck iam out go back to this sick rat race until next time a.k.a shorty fats

Lachurn D Terry #a490746
p.o box 740
london ohio 43140

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