I have walked in your shoes and I know where you are coming from, by ZYAIRE SMITH


I am currently am on a parole violation awaiting to be granted parole. I was found suitable for after doing twenty nine years.
Instead of loving God, family and my myself. I placed my worth in a relationship and I find myself humbly at his grace and mercy. I am face to face with my God, grateful that my family love is helping me, and internally growing to understand that self love can not be found in others nor is it there responsibility to provide it. Now learning this lesson I am waiting the next journey God has paved for me.
It is destiny to make a differencenin the lives of others. For I am passionately passionate about fighting for justice. Especially when I see an injustice. I am passionate about making a difference. Even if I have to stand alone.
I am for the impossible that means pushing for more, not settling, not taking no. having a vision and most of all it’s faith.
I am 48 yrs old. I’ ve been incarcerated since the age of 17. I paroled and was out 45days I will be out out again Through this adversity,i was blessed to become a director of a progrqm. I am licensed social worker i am a certified paralegal I am passionate about using those gifts to help others with legal matters. I am certified behavioral modification specialist. I am driven to teach the characteristics of defense behaviors so especially lifers can gain insight into the development of the why of behaviors and into character. I am currently in the process of developing an lgbtq community center/organization. Where anyone in the lgbtq can have the freedom to express themselves, the support of a advocate and resouces. I want to invest in hot line soley for inmates to call who suffer from sucidal thoughts and depression. I am a Defy graduate which is being an entrepreneur of your own life. A Baylor Unverisity business graduate. I am passionate with today wayward youth. I worked with network A and E Beyond Scared Straight Chowchilla and Amercia’s Most Wanted detouring the youth. I am a certified alcohol and drug counselor, though I have never done drugs or alcohol. I have seen alcohol and the effects in my family. The normalization of drinking and driving of society. Then to be incarcerated in my youth see the trauma of drugs. Only to become apart of it. By rationzationaling my behaviors of saling drugs for years as survival. Now I chose to be apart of the solution than harm my community. As I spoke before I am not perfect. I fell to love. However I have never fualtered to being a servant of service of service to other. I ask that you follow my page and journey you will be understand that I am simply passionately passionate.

To contact personally about blog:

16756 CHINO CORONA CA 92880
email: jpay.com

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