Gilbert Merritt


Do you truly love you’re woman?. The woman is the most exploited human being on the planet. She exploited through media ,ads,and man himself. Why?. It’s the lack of respect we have for ourselves. Sad fact, Most of us (men) never experience true love. If we’d truly loved ourselves we could love our counterpart. One of the most important factor in the teachings of the books that our creator left us was the protection of the woman. The scriptures teaches us that the woman isn’t the second coming of man but, the second coming of God. The old testiment says”A virtuous woman is more precious than silver and gold. It’s a reason why women are covered in 3/4 of clothing. Women are the most beautifulest creatures on this planet. The body or features are attractive and no real man can think sane thoughts with the female form on his mind. I was always taught, that their is no such thing as a no good woman, for if you find a no good woman, she was made that way by a no good man. Woman is the mother of civilization…. God created man to think right. The Qur’an says”Allah made man in truth, or out of truth. Than what happen to man that he fail in such a Savage State….. GOD said the one best among you is he who is kindest to his mother. Woman she the first nurse, the first teacher. You’re first lesson comes from mother. All women represent the foundation upon which civilization rests. All of that greatness that we marvel at,That we see in men and women, past and present came through her. The womb is sacred. The holy Qur’an teaches us that, we should Reverence the womb that bore us. Reverence: is the feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe and veneration. Heaven lies at the foot of mother. Until we learn to love and respect our women, we will never be a fit and recognized people on this earth.

Gilbert Merritt
DOC #1150619

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