John Salyers Jr.

Critical Analysis of a Song, by John salyers

Song Title: “Wig in a Box”
Artist: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

This song was written and performed by a 32 year old white,
“male-to-female” transsexual artist from Germany, who married an American serviceman stationed in Germany, and moved to America together.
I like this song because as a gender variant grrrl, I can relate to the message of pain, loneliness, anguish, betrayal, hope, strength, determination, and perseverance in which she passionately shares throughout.
The overall message of this song is a positive one meant to convey a sense of hope and strong self determination to other transgender/gender variant folks in the face of such overwhelming adversity within the then current American culture of discrimination against the trans community at large. This song vacillates between a plaintive, sing song, story telling style, to a rousing rock and roll ballad that describes this person’s experiences suffered by her betrayal at the hands of her Army service member husband.
He shortly abandoned her in a Midwestern trailer park that they were living in, after a botched sex change operation, that he pressured her to get.
Now, through her hard work, determination and dogged perseverance, ruled by her sense of injustice, she eventually was able to channel her creative energy into a catalyst for self acceptance, and success as a performing artist.

John Salyers #185067
5900 BIS Road
Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Bye for now and Goddess Bless!!! 🙂

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