Alvin King



Good afternoon to the reader whom partakes in this topic of conversation. Today I want to discuss a topic of importance that has been disrespectfully taken through a process of minimization by a many of people. The topic in which I speak of is MARRIAGE. People have all kinds of views, agreements, distortions, and disagreements. Over the years marriage has been spiritually increased in some areas and unbelievably decrease in others. The guidelines has changed without any kind of worthy authorization but glamorize by the spotlight of the rich and famous from the surrounding Hollywood Hills.

I am the person whom believes that marriage is all about love. I understand that love is not enough but its the foundation that gives strength to the glue that holds everything all together. Time will introduce many challenges, fall downs, and set backs. However these elements, when nurtured will only enhance and multiply love to higher standards. Then some people disrespect the essence of love by forgetting to cherish compassionate humanity and the appreciation for a partnership. In legitimate marriages when someone states those precious words I LOVE YOU with the deep rooted meaning of ultimate affection symbolizing a representation of a verbal celebration an establishing a incomparable environment full of comfort. Like the melody to a Nationwide favorite love song.

On the other hand, people have reduced all validations of commitments that reflects the trust and accountability to be there for the good, the bad, and the unsure. When LOVE has graduated to the marriage stages LOVE needs to be performed instead of claimed. Claiming is good but performing is proving the feeling, that you can hear about but cannot touch, you can feel it but you can not see it, and you must earn it you cannot demand it, it’s more powerful than anything. Making it the greatest gift a person can receive.

Love has been mistreated and taken for granted by the masses because of shadow thinking and ego worshipping. People don’t start to respect all the power of love until we turn love angry. Love like anything else, will protect it self when forced to. Similar to some one disregarding the strength of alcohol until they have caused a terrible crash or created a life threatening medical condition. Then the ego is bruised or destroyed and the power is reinstated. I must tell you love is the same way. Love don’t hurt people/people hurt people
Please understand that love never cheated on you, or love never abused you. Love has made you feel meaningful, joyful, hopeful, fateful, successful, etc,. Love is magic and love is the difference between sex and MAKING LOVE!!!!!

I won’t go any further at this time, so that this information can be digested & pondered on. More information will be shared in the near future. Other view points are welcomed for discussion.


DOC #224-312

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