David Cauthen

by David Cauthen

L1 CIPHER press Presents
The New Jim Crow,
Covered in the Dark Cipher, (C.I.T.D.C) – Pt. 2.
by Ras’ safidi-dawud,
Master K.G. Supreme, and C.W. El-Bey of
Iya wala Productions

These questions will definitely be answered by the time this reading, by the last great shaamon, is complete. Let us continue with the marks of the beast.

[3]. The California Senate Seal is circular in shape and the border bears the phrase ‘Seal of the Senate of California. The center features a quill pen placed diagonally across an open scroll inscribed with LEGIS and the Roman numerals MDCCCL designated 1850, the year California was admitted to union. Surrounding the pen and scroll is a cluster of California live oak Leaves and Acorns, The senate adopted the seal in 1967

This is the true Master’s build on the local scales of California, it’s Criminal Justice system and its corporate brand. [ For more information contact Assembly member Kevin McCarty, California State Capitol P.O. Box 942849 Sacramento California 94249-0007 Ask for a late copy of the Constitutional information, related to the seals and flags of California. [Address provided courtesy of Initiate Justice]

The revolutionary New Afrikans Community are leading their nation in the direction of reformist politics rooted in legislative passages, and watered by biblical versus. But they enter the courts through the wrong door, and motion to the wrong chambers. None of which will be made mentioned of by the forces and supporters of productions like, ‘The New Jim Crow. Hint words are hidden, pass masters grant degrees, but the only way any of it really matters is if those capable of connecting the dots refuse to accept the bribe for their silence. Take for instance the T.V. show Law and Order, filmed by Warner Brothers Studios in California, Ice-T is an Afrikans amerikkkan male who is a leading actor on the same T.V. show mentioned by, ‘The New Jim Crow. But, who has the guts to ask the hard questions like:

” If we know that the Criminal Justice does not work the way it is portrayed on T.V. why continue to depict guys like Ice-T on T.V doing Justice?”

“Why not do the story on who Ice-T really is and what he really got popping in the New Afrikans Community?”

“What happened to the Afrikans who allegedly robbed Ice-T’s studio? Why was “O.G. Hot Dog” of 4six NHC found slumped over dead in his truck, with a half- Million dollar chain around his neck after word got out in Los Angeles that “Hot Dog” was the one who robbed Ice-T at his studios?”
Talking about Law and Order, hu Ms. Michelle?

But how can the general public know the difference if we never make it clear what it is that we are saying? If we only speak on terms in a round about way, do we ever make a difference in the struggle to balance the scales of justice? And, we must balance the scales of the amerikkkan justice system before we can truly say anything about civil rights, reforms and social justice is by beginning with our solves. Self accountability makes up a part of the struggle to balance the scales of justice. New Africans who become more accountable for themselves and their village, we tend to investigate the fact of a matter more deeply than just from the surface. It is one of the most important tools of a guardian of the people, because it developes an ability and/ Or potential within the individual to transition into a member of the self- sufficient conscious collective, introducing keys to the general population that will allow for the cryptic language to be deciphered and sorted through in order to get to the why question. This sort of consciousness is what brings about the necessary culture shifts, shocks, shake- ups and shak-downs, capable of developing the movement for national liberation of New Afrika as a social justice. This is the only social justice that sets right the hands of time on a steering wheel carried by drunkards. New African political prisoners becoming so free from within, that they begin to pose the trillion dollar questions, whether the threat of losing the first world privileges to a place o the pie ( Third World Exploits) that we have access to is real, or not.

Until then, the U.S. criminal Justice System will be used for what it is designed for, as ass wipes and shit paper. And, this is where we remind our followers of the need of our United Front for Peace in Prisons (UFPP) unity.
That is:
To strive to unite with those facing similar struggles as us for common interest, to maintain unity, we have to keep an open line of networking and communication, and ensure that we address any situation with true facts. This is needed because of how the Pigs utilize tacticts, such as, Rumors, Snitches, and Fake communications to divide and keep division among the oppressed. The Pigs see the end of their control within our Unity.

****This cipher completes in further**** transition. To be continued due to 6000 characterization restriction by Jpay media app. Continue reading Pt.2 of this entry, ‘The New Jim Crow, (C.I.T.D.C)

David S.Cauthen, Jr #v92805
Csatf, CSP D3:144
p.o. Box 5242
Corcoran Ca. 9321

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