Mumin Israfil

Cruel & Unusual Confinement, by Mumin Israfil

Inmateblogger is proof that I love sharing my poetry. But I am also against cruel&unusual punishment by way of solitary confinement. Below is an official pasted copy of the Ohio Dept. of Rehab and Corr (‘ODRC’) NOTICE sent to us ohio prisoners about the reinstitution of the 6 month continuous solitary confinement punishment. This form of punishment had been abolished a couple of years ago in Ohio.

To: ODRC Inmate Population
From: Ernie Moore, Deputy Director of Prisons
Stephen Gray, Chief Legal Counsel
Date: January 29, 2020
Re: New Rules Infraction Board (RIB) Procedures

We want to make your aware of changes to the RIB policies and procedures that will become effective February 3, 2020.

Disciplinary Procedures for the Rules Infraction Board, Policy 56-DRC-02

RIB must schedule a hearing no later than seven (7) calendar days from the date that the inmate is served with the conduct report for the alleged violation(s), unless the hearing is prevented by exceptional circumstances, unavoidable delays or reasonable postponements.

The inmate will have seven (7) calendar days to appeal the decision to the managing officer or designee on Form DRC 4027, which will be provided to you.

If the RIBs decision of guilt is affirmed by the managing officer/designee, then the managing officer/designee must serve the inmate with a response to the appeal and advise the inmate that the decision may be appealed to Legal Services within fourteen (14) calendar days from that date, on Form DRC 4074 which will be provided.

The Chief Legal Counsel or designee will then have fourteen (14) calendar days to respond to the inmates appeal from the date it is received.

RIB will have the option of sanctioning offenders up to 180 continuous days in Restrictive Housing (RH) but the placement in RH must be reviewed every thirty (30) calendar days

o This process is a file review and is not appealable, so the inmate does not have to be present for the review.All reviews will be submitted to the Warden/designee for review and final decision to continue, modify or release.

Level E Placement (ERH), Policy 53-CLS-04 The composition and functions of the Serious Misconduct Panel (SMP) are changing. SMP hearings will now be security reviews and will be conducted at your parent institution.

The inmate will be given a 48-hour notice of the hearing. That time period cannot be waived. The inmate needs to be present for the hearing

After the hearing, the inmate will receive a copy of Form DRC 4043, Serious Misconduct Panel, and Form DRC 2596, Notice of Objection, to be able to appeal the Panels decision to the Warden.

The Bureau of Classification and Reception will no longer review appeals of ERH placement. Instead, inmates can appeal to the Regional Director.

Mumin Israfil
DOC #289-920

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