Harvey Banner

They say? by Harvey Banner

They say all we do is complain, They say we don’t use our brain,
They say things will never change,
They say we ain’t worth the time,
They say we’re institutionalize after a dime,
They say people returning to prison just as fast as they are being release,
They say we want to sell drugs, steal cars, rob, or just get high, They say were selfish,
They say we don’t have any redemptive qualities,
They say Justice for all,
They say to big to fall,
They say get it the best way you know how,
They say throw in the towel, They say throwaway the key,
They say you can’t help me, They say what we deserve, They got alot of nerve,
They say we can’t be father’s, They say we can’t be brothers, They say we’re antisocial…
well that’s what they say……..
we counsel, we help, we train, we refrain, we sacrifice, we encourage, we assimilate, we facilitate, we preach, we teach, we feel, we’re real, we’re unadulterated, we’re hated, we live, we die, we hurt, we love we sing, we pray, our opinions of ourselves don’t matter
hell what do I know I’m just inmate number 3 6 2 2 4 1 ……….well that’s what they say

DOC #362241


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