by Jeremy Stewart

Hi my name is Jeremy Stewart and i am writing this to talk about the covid-19 virus that is going around there is alot of people in here that dont want to take it serious but i do i wash my hands 4-6 times a day and cover my mouth and nose when i sneeze or cough. it drives my craze to now that people wont take it serious. i call my family everyday just to make sure that there ok because the only family i have to talk to are in there late 80’s they are my grandma and grandpa they are the world to my i dont know what i would do if i lost them while i am still locked up in here the hardest part is that i have to see the parole board in september 2020 and i hope that they let me out so that way i can go home and see my grandparents befor they pass away. hell ive been out of trouble for over 7 years i stay out of they way and dont cause problems. i go to different programs and i am working on what the parole board want me to do. well if any one wants to write me my info is below. i would like someone to write me please and thanks

Jeremy Stewart #611-919
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

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