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Introduction Blog, by Dante Reese

Peace and blessings! My name is Dante Reese and I’m honored to be afforded a few minutes of your most precious commodity… YOUR TIME. As you walk away, I want you to feel that the time that you forfeited while reading my thoughts was not only “time well spent,” but more so “time well invested.” So if I may, allow me to pour a soothing and palatable drink into your cup, peaking your interest on a few topics here and there. But first, I would like to properly introduce myself…

As I stated above my name is Dante, b.k.a. D.T. I began my journey of life on 10/18/79. So I’ve been a student of life for 40 years now. I’m adamant about the most important task that I’ve all been burdened with, to figure out “why I am here” (LIFE, that is)… my PURPOSE. It was once said, “the two most important days of an man’s life is the day that he was born, and the day that he figures out WHY he was born.” Though I am still in pursuit of some of life’s most profound mysteries, I do know that I am here to serve humanity in various ways. Love is the underlying factor to it all.

What I have discovered is the source from which I came, seems to be compelling me to furthermore BECOME, unfolding into whoever it is that I am supposed to develop into eventually BEING. Strange as it may sound, DESTINY has the propensity of whispering our name, luring us into her direction, but yet softly. If we’re inattentive, we can miss her calling. So, I’m in the midst of avidly listening. For she is calling us all to PURPOSE and DESTINATION. My observation of “Nature” has taught me this. Everything in existence is always growing towards development…fulfilling its reason for being.

I started this prison sentence back on 11/6/04 and I’ll be released on 10/16/20 (this year). Though I was incarcerated on 11/6/04, I’m led to believe that my sentence began long before I set foot into a court room, jail, or prison. Yet, was this a sentence, or a call to awaken and discover my “true self?” The inception of every incarceration always begins with the mentality of the individual. I was already locked up mentally, before I ever seen the inside of a physical institution. The criminal mentality is an institution within itself that detains the mentally impaired who have become casualties of “arrested developmental” thinking. Prohibiting productive growth in a civil manner. There exists a set of fetters, shackles, and cuffs that are undetected by the physical eye constraining progressive advancement. At times they’re self imposed, but if one is not careful, others who recognize our insecurities and inability to identify with who we are, what we are, and why we are, they’ll capture us mentally and subdue our psyche. This happened to me at a very early age. It is said, “the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” I will say this though, I have freed myself, years ago, far before I have been scheduled to step back into society. Incarceration, as well as emancipation, must first take place in the mind, before its physical manifestation.

My plight has been a bit rocky, but I own it all. Every course of event that has transpired in my life constitutes my character today. Though I do wish I could take back the pain I’ve caused others along the way. I’ve destroyed for so long, that today my only desire and mission is to RESTORE. I’ve decided to walk away from the life that I was living to step into the life that I was created to live. So today my attitude is not a mere reflection of where I’ve been in life, but an indication of where I’m desiring to go. With that said, I would like to share with you all, the segments of who I’ve become. Peace, love, light, and blessings.

If you feel the desire to converse, my contact information is:

Dante Reese #1065693
Lunenburg Correctional Center
690 Falls Road
Victoria, Va. 23974

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