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Food for Thought, by Harvey Banner

So often we as a society look to punish people for their wrongdoing when we should start to look deeper into why the behavior was done in the first place. I have come to find that most people are oblivious to the repercussions of their act they may have an inclination but to know or understand what they have done is missing I will give u an example using myself: I am incarcerated for murder I knew what I was doing I didn’t however know that the family of the deceased would be effected how they were because at the time of the act they were not even being considered but when given the chance to see how my own family was affect by a murder I gained a better understanding of my own action which led me to this saying…….
The most important factor that determines a persons behavior is his/her level of consciousness.

Harvey Banner
DOC #362241


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  1. Reading this makes me really wish none of that happened, so you could be out enjoying your life with your family, and being the great person I know you Are.


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