by Ricky Caldwell

To: The viewer of
Today, I want to speak on the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m currently incarcerated at CSATF at CORCORAN STATE PRISON. As you may very well know, Inmates are the last to receive anything, despite what prison/government official say to the general public. Can anyone tell me where this virus came from? Is this a man made virus? It seems to me that this virus just came from no where. How is it that celebrities can be tested, when the average person can’t be tested? If you test positive, what is the remedy for the virus? The reason for all these questions,is because I’m incarcerated, and we have been placed on lock down to ensure that we practice social distance. Which is propaganda, because our visits has been cancelled. The only way we can contract this will be from a staff member. But, I get it. Prisons can be a breeding ground for this type of virus, and it can become deadly quick in here. As of now, there are no confirmed coronavirus cases here where I am. But, there is a flu bug going around. I understand that their are a lot of people out there that is panicked. And , I believe that’s because people are not informed enough about this virus, or misinformed. The news stations are only telling us what they want us to know. Of course some of us believe that this is some type of ploy put into play by the government to control the population in order to help president Trump get re-elected. What do you think about this? Some think its a money grab, or a way for Trump to buy the public votes. You should hear some of the things I hear. I have to be honest, it makes me think.
If you would like to continue this conversation contact me at J-pay at

Ricky Caldwell
DOC #J-18278

Thank you, I look forward to your response and insight.

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