Eric Denson

lonely and abandoned and don’t wanna miss another mail call, by ERIC DENSON

oh how i sit and ponder in deep marination, why is it so hard to find a sophisticated, philosophical, intelecutal woman who is willing to help the incarcerated reintegrate themselves back into society. the more i ponder the more i marinate in the deepness in my thoughts i ask thee where is the love? where is the kindness? that our natural spiritual form was built upon. why cant we love one another as the creator loved us? why cant love love us? why cant we love to love? my gosh i ask why why why? to those that has the potential to be that as it may send me your thoughts and opinions………enclosing i write and ask in love Eric aka brotha i say much love peace and blessings.

DOC #451212

Categories: Eric Denson, LONELINESS

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