Major McCormick

by Major McCormick

A letter to a impostor.You were never a friend so I could never say I love you. By Major McCormick(Subtitle “Do unto others as you have them do unto you”Suggested listening Dream on by Areosmith)

Obviously youre a fake. It would seem a person would consider returning simple gestures, such as birthday wishes, a note ,a timely letter if a card was too.much especially when the person that would receive them has sent you countless measures of his affections as well as timely birthday wishes. It does not take long after special days and times have been missed to know you were no more than a scapegoat. When another persons birthday comes around you’re johnny on the spot. If he gets in trouble you hold a rally for everyone to sign a card if not a petition. Lets see how far that gets you in the end when your true intentions are weighed for what they truly are. The phoniness of people. For this reason I loathe dealing with people on any level outside of true business so I keep all other relationships superficial..A note to the future. The only people that will enjoy my success will be other successful people ,strangers ,poor people and those that truly showed in their actions that they cared for me through my time in a living hell.

Believe me you will be reading this in the future. Now the day comes when I have all that anyone could dream of or even imagine materially, financially,socially,physically and all other categories. You will try to approach me and if you are reading this and it is future. Don’t contact me again you are not the type of person that deserves a me in your life. So Keep it moving.. McCormick 686167

5 Minutes with the world. By Major McCormick

If I had five minutes with the world the world would be mines. In 5 minutes I would hold the whole world in my finger tips. The gravity of every situation held in the palms of my hands weighed for clarity,then printed out, the lessons each one taught. And call it a book of pain then I’ll explain. “What is it to gain the world and lose your soul?” I had it all before the fall like Spring, and Summer. I kept thinking the police get no dumber slumber?I put in numbers and stayed underground with the plumbing. No identification no summons.
Jewels,cars clothes,shoes
to shine..ride.and out dress while I stumped and broke all the rules.
I was cool,alcohol,drugs,women
You hear me?
The name of the game was elevating your chain and hearing foreign women trying to say my name
yea, I’m flying coach straight to the players ball
wit a coach that hate watching his players fall
just don’t understand I was the devils right hand man. All types of nice all types of scams in all types of nights with all types of plans.
We can go here we can go there a fair share of every where
champagne, condos,express lanes,lots of toast but everything that glitters not gold. Chardonnay good nice and cold another bunk, another story being told.
” Man I had it all before the fall like winter spring and summer. I kept thinking the police couldn’t get no dumber but they sent me Sweet Meat she drove a hummer. In seconds we exchanged numbers now I’m doing a number like a lottery but I’ve never hit a woman. When I got that summons I couldn’t hear the music over my heart drumming.
I couldn’t believe he would set me up that old detective” Satan he’s very selective, A shrewd business. In the evening he’s leaving his new place with a new face and a suit case. In the morning he’s tied up the night with all that excites in the afternoon he sends all of his invites. 24 hours no rest enticed to roll the dice you sacrificed your life!
DEAD END! McCormick 686167

A letter to myself By Major McCormick.

Look at me now(Future) This is what you focused on. My eyes lost focus on the temporal. I keep a vision in front of me. I see a lot of lost people all going nowhere, holding hands and giggling accepting status quo, undisciplined,distracted thoroughly by what the next human is doing. In pursuit of the fastest gratification that only lasts in fleeting moments. No,no,no my desires do not remain in the lower regions.. If you can’t control you lose control giving it to something that will control you. Needless conversations avoid them. When your feet are set to a path conversation is not the key to bringing success. Actions that keep you steady moving towards your goal should be your daily schedule. Those who live a life of celebrity do because they have reason to be celebrated Look at your athletes,performers,and actors. None of them made it without pushing themselves into the extremes and through the crucial pressures of the world that only exists. I refuse to be part of a dying world that sees today as their limit and that’s it and that’s all. Watch my eyes and you’ll see the future in them. I look beyond my circumstances and past even through people who have time to stare or make meaningless eye contact. I limit any waist of energy to simply burning off the access. Once accomplished I continue with the balance needed to store and restore as well as prepare for my future(I own it) I reason with the misery I experience. (completely sober). I discover at the core of it is my strength. out of it comes patience, endurance and a better understanding of my inner deficits and needs. We have depths of thought that travel through our existence. Many have been rumored to have sold their souls to the Devil when seemingly suddenly they have some special way that appears to be acquired through some source outside of themselves but its the inner world many fear.

because alone is the only way it can be travelled and during your transverse things get dark, lonely and confusing. A lot of people lose direction in these areas. They don’t have a compass or their guages are set to wrong measurments.They are without a true guide to safely travel into the abyss of their own souls. Therefore they only resurface as mediocre, below average, abused, conformed, lost! They don’t see the bright lights shining up above they rather look at the mud or problems at hand and the immediate world around them. Engulfed by its reality too weak to generate their own light.Thoughts that keep them blind somehow they keep repeating to themselves. They lay when they should sit. They talk when they should listen. They give up when they should never quit. They sleep when they should wake. Every minute of the day is no more than a calculation of life what you are thinking and doing second by second, hour by hour all adds up.

The Key
I figured out the smallest miracle to success deals with me,but its not me me. Its me helping all of the other mes so we can move ahead as one. The person with the vision for the collective sees the big picture. The selfish only gain for themselves and rarely have enough for themselves those who are us minded have great gain they never run out they have enough to feed the masses. Be we minded. If you want opportunities to truly succeed don’t focus on just me. Me only can get so far but if you help others you help yourself.

Major McCormick #686167
po box 8107
Mansfield Ohio 44901

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