What Is Love? by Piankhi Grimes

Everyone has their own ideas or meaning of the word Love.Most are how it is commonly defined and some are just confused about it.After years of studying the Knowledge of Self from the cultural worldview of the Nation of Gods and Earths. I now see Love in a different light.In the Twelve Jewels the tenth one is Love and it is defined as.Love is the highest elevation of understanding, with a bond so strong cannot be broken.Of course at the time this was new to me,I was use to the same ole “love is a feeling or emotion.”After careful consideration and in depth study of this Jewel,I agree. Love is the highest elevation of understanding with a bond so strong it cannot be broken.Just think about the word understanding and what that mean.Before there can ever be understanding of any person,place,or thing you must first have Knowledge of it.Which makes sense because how can I express Love for someone if I don’t really know that person? I cannot and so I must first spend time getting to know that person.Its like going to a florist and buying a lotus plant.And this may be a passion of yours.But if you do not read the instructions and don’t know how to properly care for it to preserve its life.How can you express love for it? And its the same with people.We don’t even know how to treat one another yet We claim to love them.So when you go from knowing to Understanding then you are able to express love in its purest form,unconditionally. In a relationship this kind of Love is reciprocal sort of like the relationship between the Sun and the Earth.Some people may not see this as a relationship but there is a very delicate interaction between the two that preserves life.Even the mother’s Love for her child(ren) is a perfect example of the highest elevation of Understanding unconditionally. You can know when its real Love because it brings with it Peace and Happiness. Its not lust or based on how I’m feeling,how someone else makes me feel or what someone else done for me.Those are conditions that corrupts the Love.Don’t get me wrong.Love does produce a feeling but its more than the feeling itself.So ask yourself.How does real Love feel? Sometimes it feels good,sometimes its painful.It may come in the form of praise or criticism. It can bring laughter or tears.Still its not those things.It can be heard in words,seen in actions and felt in a person’s presence and it is still not limited to those things.See its our Understanding that carry Us through Hell and back with a person and not give up on them.Of course this comes after getting to know that person and determining if they are worthy of your Love.Because when you Love someone you are will to go through hell to make it right.I’m not talking about abuse or staying in a parasitic type relationship. I’m speaking on the hell that comes with making sacrifices and compromises to make it right.And this is why Love is the highest elevation of understanding with a bond so strong it cannot be broken.I hope y’all enjoy this blog and if you have any comments or feedback feel free to contact me. Peace

Piankhi Grimes #A614-067
PO Box 120
Lebanon Oh. 45036

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