Beware Of The Covid-19 Coronavirus!!! by Keith Brooks

This deadly virus is very serious! Stay safe, clean, and away from crowded places. Avoid shaking hands, attending big events, and taking trips outside of the country. By thoroughly disinfecting your home, cars, hands, and friends can potentially lower your risk of catching the virus. This virus is definitely airborne and very dangerous. It is quiccly traveling across the whole entire nation. No one is exempt from catching this deadly virus. People that use public transportation is in imminent danger. Travel with hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and paper towels. Avoid touching metal poles, rails, windows, and other surfaces that might be contaminated. Sanitation crews are also working hard around the clocc to keep things clean and disinfected. 8.3 billion dollars was funded by the government to come up with a solution to fight this virus. I hope this deadly virus get defeated so we can feel safe again, and the stocc market can go bacc up. This deadly virus has affected everything from our health to the economy. I sure hope someone finds a cure for this virus sooner than later.

Medical experts, doctors, scientists, and virus hunters are working hard around the clocc trying to figure out how to stop it or treat it. It will be at least one year before they make any progress. Hopefully we don’t lose any more lives to this deadly virus. It was reported you have to come in direct contact with the virus in order to get it. An infected person coughing, sneezing, and blowing their nose in public can spread the virus to a whole group of people. The deadly virus can live upon a surface for up to 9 days. Make sure you wipe down and disinfect everything you come in direct contact with.

Everyone in the world needs to be very worried and concerned about this deadly virus. Take precautions and stay updated on the latest news from the medical experts, virus hunters, and health department. If you have any symptoms or have been around anyone that has had some symptoms, please go into quarantine immediately.

This is a real worldwide crisis. Be careful, clean, and very alert. Take care of your immune system and protect yourself from other viruses as well. E. Coli, Listeria, influenza, Ebola, AIDS, and other diseases can take you out as well. Wake up, pay attention, and take care of your health. This is a certified positive message from author and rapper Chaos Loc. 100!

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