What is Freedom to You? (Part 2), by Sherman Kertley

I sit and ask my self what is freedom?I invision a bird flying across the skyline flapping its beautiful wings keeping its body weight at the perfect angle to catch all the momentum it needs to maintain balance in the air .I think of a new born baby’s laughter so innocent and free of burden or worries ,mind and soul unblemished from the ills of the world.I was once that innocent untainted brand new canvas un touch by the paint brush of reality.Now I have been painted with the stress of acceptance by my peer,the lies of indoctrination, deep distrain and weight of oppression, the misguided mindset to escape my condition by any means.As I take a step back to look at myself I see why my wings has been clipped why I can no longer find my balance why it’s hard to laugh without thinking if I’m laughing too hard.I am no longer free.I have become a slave to my environment.I have allowed my condition to become my master.As this realization start to take shape in my mind I begin the process of revolution….

Sherman Kertley
DOC #1128605

Categories: freedom, Sherman Kertley

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