WHAT IS FREEDOM TO YOU? by Sherman Kertley

When you look at the word freedom it can be broken down into free and dom.Free is without restraint boundary or restrictions.Dom is defined as a suffix and describes a status or condition.Dom is also a abbreviation for domestic or dominant.D.O.M. is also an abbreviation for God is Best or greatest. (Latin)Dio,Optimo,Maximo,Pretty funny how Allah U Akbar is God is great in Arabic.So freedom is having no restraint in your condition or status. That could be physically or mentally. Some of us can be held captive by our own thoughts,our own prejudices, our own insecurities, our own self righteousness or dominated by our own ignorance. Never wanting to look past these boundaries or borderlines and we let them define a limited reality.Some of us think without these domesticated restrictions shaping and molding our reality with every thought that is brought to life.Freedom is the condition to express the greatness of God that lives with in you. It’s creativity, its ideas, its growth, it’s love.Now you tell me what is freedom to you.

Sherman Kertley #1128605
NCC P.O.Box 4888
Burkeville Va 23922

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