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SoCal Radio Blog, by Jennifer Warren

RADIO SHOWS- JEN’S PICKS (as of January 2020):

Monday thru Friday:

6 a.m. 88.3fm (various science programs -physicist Michio Kaku and others- most weekday mornings)*
8 a.m. 90.7fm “Democracy Now!” (world/national news/interviews – host Amy Goodman) *
9 a.m. 90.7fm “Tom Hartman” (educational-progressive talk/interviews/call in) *
10 a.m. 90.7fm “Letters and Politics” (educational-American cultural and political history/interviews-host Mitch Jezerich-every day except Friday) *
11 a.m. 90.7fm “Global Village” (world music , host Kathy Diaz)
2p.m. 102.3fm “Tom Hartman” (rebroadcast)
5p.m. 90.7fm “Background Briefing” (progressive talk/interviews – host Ian Masters)
5p.m. 88.7fm “Democracy Now!” (rebroadcast)
10 p.m. 102.3fm “The Operman Report” (host private investigator Ed Operman-true crime, unsolved mysteries, conspiracy)
10p.m. 91.9fm “BBC World Service” (world news) *


2p.m. 90.7fm “Impact” (immigrants concerns)
3p.m. 102.3fm “Kindness Matters” (news stories of kindness around the world/interviews-hosts Lloyd Brock and Jim James)
4p.m. 102.3fm “Judge Herb” (legal advice/education) *
5p.m. 91.9fm “All Things Considered”(current events/interviews- hosts Mary Louise Kelly and Aurie Kornish- intersperced with KVCR News/Weather)
7p.m. 90.7fm “I Am, Are You?” (LGBTQ concerns)
8p.m. 88.7fm “Manic Mix” (new and vintage electronic/dubstep/dance – host Sir DJ Bob)


9a.m. 88.3fm “Jazz Explorations”
1 p.m. 90.7fm “Transforming Consciousness” (new age spirituality- interviews- host Vanessa Valdez) *
2p.m. “Feminist Magazine” ( news/interviews- host Lynn Harris Ballin)
3 p.m. 102.3fm “The Mitch and Cathy Show” (healing, magic, angels etc.- call in)
4 p.m. 102.3fm “Smart Health Talk” (organic living/interviews/reviews -host Elaine McFaddon)
6p.m. 102.3fm “Ken Coleman Show” (career advice/call in)


10a.m. 88.7fm “Disintegrated Corduroys” (smooth jazz)
4p.m. “Ultra Mega DJ Apocolypsa..Show”- (modern alternative/indie pop)
8p.m. 102.3fm “Guy’s Guys Radio” (self help-career,relationships,etc – host Robert Manney)
9p.m. 91.9fm “Fresh Air” (host Terry Gross)


2a.m. 90.7f.m. “Ralph Nader Radio Hour” (educational/interviews)*
2p.m. 102.3fm “Shopping With Bev”
4p.m. 88.7fm “Cloud Villa” (current and vintage Asian pop from around the world))
7p.m. 102.3fm “Living The Country Life” (farming/agriculture)
8:05p.m. 102.3fm(follows ABC news at 8p.m.) “Viewpoint With Father John” (spiritual self-help with modern psychology- host Father John Reed) *
9p.m. 91.9fm “Fresh Air” (host Terry Gross)*


6a.m. 88.7fm “Cloud Villa” (rebroadcast)
4p.m. 102.3fm “Psychic Love Dr.” (tarot readings/advice/ call in- host Deborah Lee)


5p.m. 88.7fm “Le Show” (French pop- host DJ Fifi Le Rue)
8p.m 102.3fm “Blues Bar” (host Dynamite Nick)
9p.m. 102.3fm “The Other Side of Midnight” (the unexplained, host Richard C. Hoagland) *


4a.m. 88.3fm “Radio Gut” (German music)
6a.m. 90.7fm (Eastern Philosophy- vintage Alan Watts)
10a.m. 95.5fm “Breakfast With The Beatles” (longest running Beatles show- rare recordings, trivia, call in) *
2p.m. 88.7fm “Forward Into The Past” (popular music/radio shows from the 1920s-40s)
4p.m. 102.3fm “Let’s Dine Out” (food trends/restaurant reviews/interviews host food critic Alan Borgen)
5p.m. 88.7fm “The Video Game Music Show” (from popular games old and new/requests DJ SysOp) *
6p.m. 90.7fm “Folkscene” (folk music from around the world/interviews with folk musicians- hosts Howard and Roz)
7p.m. 99.9fm “America’s Top 40” *(vintage Casey Casum from the 1980s)
8p.m. 90.7fm “Headroom” (experimental rock – host Barry Small)
9p.m. 91.5fm “KUSC Opera Show”(host Jennifer Miller)
10p.m. 90.7fm “LA Theatreworks” (stage plays- host Susan Lowenberg)
10p.m. 91.5fm “The Record Shop” (biographies/interviews with classical musicians and composers)

* highly recommended

Jennifer Warren
DOC #WF1092

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