Adam Hudson

IS IT TOO LATE? by Adam Hudson

So I don’t know why that love is so important to me ? Like I often wonder how I can still find love and have a relationship of some sorts. Is it too late for a person like myself ? I’m serving a 15 to Life sentence. It really bums me out, I get so emotional any time I see displays of love between a couple in movies, TV shows or even watching a TV show like America’s got Talent and I see a young kid do something amazing like sing really good or something. I used to not care, or get choked up over things, but over the last 10 yrs. or so I soften up or something. Some times I wish I hadent giving where I’m spending most of my life lol.
Is it strange for a man like myself to feel so emotional over things like that? and is it strange that I care about love as much as I do? like I really want the love like Jack & Rose had from the movie Titantc. Or is that all a fairy tale cause if it is than I want a the fairy tale life lol.
I’ve never been in love and I have loved 2 people but I can look back now and see that I wasent IN LOVE !!
I guess that’s it for now.
song for the day. ” Ed Sheeran-perfect

Adam Hudson #737-672
P.O Box 45699
Lucasville, Oh. 45699

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