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The Petitioner has an exceptional institutional adjustment that includes remaining infraction free and complying with his treatment needs as determined by his counselor (Ex. 3).

Additionally, the Petitioner has taken the opportunity to reflect during this period of incarceration. As a result the Petitioner has come to the realization that he must make critical changes in his lifestyle to prevent future recidivism.

As evident from the institution’s periodic testing for substances and “shakedowns” by correctional officers, the Petitioner’s continuous negative results demonstrate that he has taken the first step by abstaining from past addictions. As a secondary step, the Petitioner has taken the initiative to participate in the substance abuse class offered at Nottoway, and is currently on the waiting list.

Moreover, the Petitioner is also taking the initiative to better educate himself by enrolling in classes offered by Southside Virginia Community College at Nottoway Correctional Center (Ex. 4).

The Petitioner is of firm belief that both the substance abuse class and the college courses will have a positive impact on him.

On a very personal note, even though the Petitioner felt forced to defend himself, he nonetheless is utterly devestated by what happened that particular day and how it ultimately resulted for Michael Worrell and his family. Being that the Petitioner is a father of two boys himself, and a brother, the Petitioner can only imagine both their pain and grief from this tragedy. Further, the Petitioner is regretful and is deeply remorseful over what happened. Simply put, this is something that will remain with the Peritioner for the rest of his life no matter what sentence the Petitioner must serve by any court.

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