Adam Hudson

PRISONS, by Adam Hudson

Im not sure how things is in other prisons in other states. I’ve got about 10 years in the prison system I Ohio. Like right now I’m in my cell typing this jpay message on a jp5 player/tablet. But I will have to take this to a kiosk machine and plug this in to send it out. And we can order all sorts of thing from different venders such as clothse, hygiene, tv’s radios and food, all sorts of things. We even now have cell phones now. But nothing like what you may think. The kind we have now is bout big as a I-Phone tablet and we can sit in our cells an make calls. The phones run off of wi-first.
I have came across people that has done prison time in other states and they are very limited on the things they were allowed to order and and so on.
Still I think that prisons in Ohio suck. Thats because of the way we are treated as human beings. It is unreal. I know have broke the law but we are still humans….right?
Well that’s it for now. If anyone wishes to tell me there opinions on things I write about I can be found on

Adam Hudson #737-672
P.O Box 45699
Lucaville, Oh. 45699

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