Burnett North

Faith, by Burnett North

What is faith? Webster’s Dictionary descibes it as; “Cofident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, Idea, or thing,” but what is faith really to you as a person. To me faith is complete loyalty to something you truly believe in. It’s dealing with forces unseen, or even believeable. I found faith behind these gates I never thought for a second I would be able to amount to anything or even truly believe in anything. I found out later that that was far from the truth, I have found skills I didn’t think I had, I have found love in a woman who soul is so beautiful I don’t think I’m truly worthy of her, I have found peace, happiness, and serinity. Having faith in myself others and most importantly GOD, has taugth me to free myself of the burdens I did carry. I have found a sense of freedom and it’s all thanks to faith. I appreciate the time that I was given because it help shape me to be the man that I am today it helped me become me in a sense so for all of you out there reading this thank you and I hope you find and have faith because it helped save my life and I can only hope that it save yours. Good day my friends stay blessed stay prayed up and have FAITH.

Burnett North
DOC #732888

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