Major McCormick

What is Doing Time? by Major McCormick

Doing time is like sitting in front of a clock on the wall in your 4th grade class. You watch the clock and time seems to sit still ,some times it seemed to stand still even go backwards while you imagined 8 more years of boring school Doing time is watching the second hand on the clock tick 60 times until one .minute is complete and not seeing the .minute hand move for seemingly hours. Doing time is seeing the hour hand finally move but its only 1and you’ve watched it since 1255 Doing time is like sitting still watching a clock for twenty four hours in and out of sleep and that’s just 1day of doing time. You have 2,555 more days of staring at the clock or you have 5000 plus days and hundreds of thousands of hours to sit and watch the same clock. Doing time is looking at the calendar remain on the same page for 30 to 31 one days along with the ticking of the second hand and asking what time is it? and each time you ask only 3 mins have passed and it felt like twenty. Doing time is Sun ,Mon, Tue ,Wed,Thur, Fri, Sat. 30 times 31 times and 28 times. leap yr 29 DoingtimeJanFeb,March,April,May,June,July,Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec, Doing time is marking The wall 365 times as one day crawls by second by second. Having fun yet?Doing time is sitting around waiting for the sun to rise set and the stars to come out the moon to rise set and the birds to start chirping right before sun rise. Doing time is Winter, Spring,Summer,Fall Waiting for the duration of each cycle. Doing time is waiting on everything to tick and tock 360 degrees while you sit and pray to go home more times than the second hand runs a minute in 10 years. Doing time blends every day hour ,season, month ,and calendar ,clock, date , sunrise ,set moon set ,and rise into one long continuous boring day. Thank you for your time. McCormick 686167. A few words of wisdom I’ve learned along the way By Major McCormick
I have strangers that are better than friends. The family I have is the family that does. Alot of times we spend too much time on what was instead of what is. If we spend more time in the is and now of everything you can get much more done. Sometimes life is like a bunch of wires if not managed these wires can become tangled so much they lose the ground they are to cover. So they cause frustration. When you actually need to use them you have to spend large amounts of time untangling them. Hours and depending on the tangle ,days, even months to untangle. And if the wire was needed for immediate use it is now useless. Its the same when your life is so tangled, you are’nt prepared for anything or you’re too busy spending your life untangling. How do you prevent this from happening? Take care of every need you have immediately. Stay away from things that entangle you. Gambling, internet, drugs, casual sex anything you know or feel is wrong The more you indulge in this type of behavior the more tangled your life becomes. We only have so long on this earth some people party it away and when struggling to keep their last breath on deaths bed they look back on their life and know it wasn’t a party and where they are headed is not a party. One lie destroys much and depending on the lie it can destroy lives, futures and in turn your kids and anything you are connected to. Much can be done with the truth practice it ,it is what true prosperity is made of. There are many pitfalls in life most involve self and those you involve yourself with so it is very important to be sure the collective of who you surround yourself with has true values and hold themselves to them. A Family is like a car with four wheels each person in the family is a wheel. The car can move as long as it has gas and the engine and transmission works properly The engine is the heart of the family the trans is the communication. Some people have large families 18 wheelers some smaller. one flat tire effects the entire vehicle. One person falls on hard.times the whole family feels the effect just as the cars engine has to pull harder, the life of the battery ,the consumption of gas. Many overlook the seriousness of ones lack. Many families are in poverty because they have neglected many tires too many flats so they don’t make it far or it is with a lot of strain. But if you simply fix the flats whatever it takes it can ride at its full potential. Too much arguing, too many disagreements over nothing. when a person dies you have to wonder under these broken circumstances would those in attendance be a formality no more than a show secretly happy it wasn’t them. Where is the love in today’s world? Have we become so isolated that the only thing that matters is that your computer works? Your text messages and face book? I vow to live my life on a different plane. I happen to know not guess. I know when my turn comes in the form of millions, fame, and more I will share and show how it is done. .Many will need a helping hand who better to understand then one who has needed help. If and this is a big if. the world simply put one dollar aside for one day that would accumulate several billion dollars and that amount of money can’t be spent in a life time. Working together profits more than seperation. Money and time invested correctly has built empires and personally I have discovered what it takes to make a fortune. Mind, thought ,body and intention focused in the proper direction, avoid the length of a pitfall, laugh through your pain and reset any time a monkey wrench comes unexpectedly to knock you off the path of your success. People who are not truly part of the path you have to eliminate they will do all they can to spoil your dreams. But you’re a survivor. You’ve over come. You’ve learned to live through the struggle to see a better day. Don’t give up, keep going you can make it, it gets greater later, you were born to win, you can only go up from here go for it.its too late to quit these are motivations thoughts.

Major McCormick
DOC #686167

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