Peace, by Ronald Johnson

Dear Readers,
I am still fighting to receive my Sentence Modification Pursuant To Kansas Statutes Annointed (K.S.A.). The one I am by right and by law as well as kansas statutes to have is ksa 21-4639/21-6628(c). Back in May of this year the judge Jennifer Myres odered me back to Court, for sentence modification, which is the only legal paper work I have begore the Wyandotte County District Court.
Some Court appointed attorney came to tell me while in the county jail how this judge do not like when we file our own paper work, and that he was re-doing what I did and I would be before the court, however that still has not happened as of yet. Only do to this judge bias and I now think this is because of race.
This judge is going against not only the statute entiled to me as the first part of chapter 341 of the 1994 Session Laws Of Kansas 21-4635, 21-4636, 21-4637, 21-3638, and 21-4639 renumbered to 21-6628(c) in 2011. This judge is also knowingly Voilating my Sixth Amendment Secured Right, going totally her signed oath. The MAJOR VIOLATION is that this Court and ALL KANSAS COURTS KNEW This BEing IT IS THE COURTS DUTY TO “SUA SPONTE” ( On It’s Own) to bring all 53 defendants back to the respective Kansas Counties which Sentence said defendants by and judge alone who alone increased defendants sentence without the jury doing so, THUS Violating Defendants Constitutional Sesured Right to OUR (WE THE PEOPLE) “Constitution”, and KNOWINGLY SO.
I ask all the Religious Communities and Law Enforcement Communities, as well as All Kansas Citizens to enquire into the judge going Rouge, Especially the Wyandotte County, Kansas Community because if this judge will ignore my Secure Rights she will and is doing your Love ones the same Injustice especially thoes of us incarcerated, which is wrong.
I am speaking out because it is the courts duty to correct this oun they own Without me having to INVOKE or motion 21-4639/21-6628(c). This is the LAW !!! As well my Outdate has Passed at least 2 plus yearsago so I am being Unlawfully and Illegally Held, because of the major Corruption at Wyandotte County, Kansas Justice Complex.
How is this Still allowed to happen in Our United States ? This is an Major Injustice to all United States Citizens and Especially to Kansas Families. This is to Enlighten All as to what is going on and to be released from this Corrupt System. As I told the judge, you hurry to incarcerate and over sentence, and even when your own laws and statutes says it is pass time for relief ans release you as an judge and public ellected offical Ignore your ouw laws, statutes, and Constitution to push your personal bias, using the State Job position to do so.
I need all Positive Energy and Support being the corrupt acts of State agents/actors run deep in Kansas Courts. By The Grace and Mercy Of GOD, and in and by FAITH I know JUstice Will Win and I Shall be Released.
Any questions please write,and or email me for any information you would like to see, I also have a few Lawyers who I mayput you in touch with who know and see the cover up that has taken place sence ksa 21-4635 was held unconstitutional.
Truly Your Brother In Real Justice,

Ronald Johnson-El #79020
P.O. box 311
El Dorado, Kan. 67042

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