The Third TESTAMENT, by Tony Lewis

Soon will be a new perspective over our people. That, will be the 3rd testament.
Change, for better days…is near.
This, is my experience…with the Holy Spirit.

The Day of Possession

The day I was taken upon, is not certain. However, the day I became aware, was the 15th day of July, year 2019. This, below, is the events which led up to that moment; that moment of spiritual clarity.

God… Isreal

It was a Monday morning, and at the prison which held me, that meant Cinnamon rolls.
I’d scored an extra tray, but for some reason that morning I couldnt eat it.But my lack of appetiete became an early benediction for somone else…my mentor, DL.
After taking a seat at the table, where I sat alone, I offered my ratons to him. DL accepted my breakfast, and it was soon after his bite of sweet bread that he asked me a random, yet personal question. DL asked me what my mentatily would be if no Faith of ever being relesed from this hellhole exsisted within me. Meaning, what would I do and how woud I act, IF my reality was that( like some many before me) I would take my last breath behind bars.
I didnt have to think about that answer long, for I’d wrestled with those kind of pessimistic thoughts in my past. Without thinking clearly, I spewed all the wicked things I would do and say if his and other’s reality… was mine. Assualts, rape, murder..then most likely, suicide to end my own misery.
My answer made him smirk, as if I had some how confirmed something; more for him than I.
If only I knew what was on DL’s mental…I wouldnt have expressed my truth like I did.( so truthfully) Because to keep it 600, I wasnt expecting, nor perpared for the bomb my friend was about to drop on my heart.
My mentor-DL- and brother through God, exhaled a breath of glum, then expressed a fatigue only people like I could empathize with. DL told me he was ready to throw in the towel-of-life, for his reality, was the same reality I once feared drowning in. A soft despise washed over me, because I knew immediately, that considering what my lips had previously spewed, how could I possibly object…without coming off as a hyporcrite. He’d tricked me.
DL went on to express his feelings, and as he spoke, my heart ached and ached, for everything he spoke to me, sadly but truly, was true.
I didnt know how serious DL was on taking his own life, until he looked at me and asked me to do something. DL asked if I could forward a particular letter… to his mother. Reluctantly, I agreed and as we walked the streets of the prison, back to our respected units I grew an emotional wreck, for at that moment I really felt my days with my dear friend was coming to an end. If only I knew that God was using DL to guide me to the WORD, and in that word would be the understanding on why I had survived all I had.
With eyes, puffed with sorrow I walked with a depressed stroll towards my cocoon. And it was there, where God began to show me His exsistence was not what some say it is…a hoax.
The day I speak of, was tablet day. And upon recieving mine, instead of browsing the lastest movies, or listening to the Bomb Beats, on its’ radio, I searched through sermons. That alone, should speak volumes; especially for a guy like I.
You know, I thank Kodak Black(the rowdy rapper from Florida), because it was ’cause of him and one of his songs that helped me find the words God needed me to hear, at that moment in my journey.
Let me explain…
Upon opening the options under ‘Spirituality’, I was greeted with a slew of selections. I knew not where to start, however I had the correct coarse where to begin. My interest gravitated to a multitude of messages, that spoke desires, resentment and even prophecies; these, were the musical read-alongs, where an urban feel was applied to the ancient teachings of the Holy Spirit. But still, I stood like a lost person would, at the mouth of some three-way intersection.
Romans…Johns…Hebrews…etc. There were even some avenues to knowledge and understanding which I could barely pronounce. BUT among them all, there was something which sparked something: Corinthians.
And as most know( however I did not at the time) There is two books of Corinthians. You can imagine how I mustve felt, at the sight of the vast selection of choices which blessed my sceen.
” Oh no.” my eyes darted at the numbers. ” 1 Corinthians. 2 Corinthians?” I tell you truth when I say, I knew nothing of what none of those things meant; however, I was faced with a spiritual dilema- I needed to hear the voice of God, for at that moment in my life it was highly imperative I did so. I remember letting my soul guide my fingertip down on the screen and then moving it how it did. Up…down..side to side. There were so many to choose from. But still, I knew not where to start.
I remember telling myself to let go, and let go was what I did. With my ”flesh off the wheel”, something moved me to open Corinthians 2:13
Now..out of AAALL the other Corinthians, why that one( Corinthians 2:13?)
That answer…is the next part of this testimony. Read along, for the truth and proof…that God… ISREAL

To be continued…..

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Tony Lewis
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