Micheal Roston

The Man In The Dark Yard! by Micheal Roston

The morning of Nov.18,2005, was a day I will always remember. Waking up to the fresh twilight music of the bird’s singing melodies of sweet heart kisses. This day I decide to walk to reflect the essence of a common thought. I proceed to follow each step, which cause a higher touch that ould lead me to the dark yard. As, I walked through the dark yard I saw someone laying by a tome stone. I walk towards the body, my heart begain to race, because I did not no what to expect. My breathing intake was as if time had stopped for a brief moment. My head became light as a feather that gently stroke in the air of time. I felt a shock wave through-out my frame, which increase volumes of spell-work. I spoke! Hey! Are you alright? Hey! Hey! At this point of time I did not no wgat to do. I felt a unsettle cool breze that direct my attetion behind the sun of many smirks. The body moved, andit turn unto my direction; It said “Life Is Mindful”. I had ask, what is the meaning of that? “Life Is Mindful”. I just….. Stop for a moment rethink how change is important. Believe in your inner dark light and achieve wonderful tasks that produce growth. I’am amazed that you speak word’s of empowerment. I had ask? Where do you come from? The same place as you. Now I have senn the reflection of the face and it was I “The Man In The Dark Yard”.

Micheal Roston
DOC #63996

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