Archie Wilder

REHABILITATION, by Archie Wilder

Is a thing of the past in our prison system.In this day and age its all about doing time and generating money.In prison yrs ago certain things were mandatory.Such as, if you didn’t have a diploma or GED it was mandatory that you went to school.Now they give you a choice to go to school or not.At one point everyone had to work in the kitchen for 90days as soon as you entered the system.And you had to be on time.If you didn’t show up on time, you went to the hole.And your 90days would start over.It taught responsibility.Now the kitchen is the place everyone wants to be,and they hire so many people that the work is no longer hard and strenuous.So its no longer used as a form of discipline.Now they are just warehousing people.Big companies such as MasterCard and Smith Barney have stock in prisons. And that’s just to name two.When prison became a business,the dynamic of doing time changed.When companies realized they could make off of inmates, you seen major changes inside the prison.First they stopped us from getting clothes and food boxes from our families.They claimed it was to stop contraband from coming into the prisons.But contraband has never stopped coming into prison.And all the companies that we ARE FORCED to order from are owned by politicians and people connected to the political scene somehow.Its not like our family can go to a store and by things for us and have the store ship it to us without our families touching it.We are FORCED to spend our money with these companies.Music cost money,video games, phone calls,Nothing is free in prison.Prisons generates billions every year.Rather its through the money that the inmate population and there familes spends with the prison or the money generated by cheap labor.Major companies resource jobs out to prisons across the country because it cheaper.Everything from clothing to car parts. So now we see why true rehabilitation is a thing of the past.Then individuals with substance abuse problems can still get as high as they want daily.If they leave out the same way they came in or worse,their chances of reoffending is extremely high.Our country only makes up 5% of the worlds population,but our country has 20%of the worlds prison population.Because prisons generate money.And a lot people have their hands in the pot.So its clear, if someone wants to be rehabilitated he will have to do it himself. Because prison today is simply about warehousing people.

DOC #414-917

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  1. Rehabilitation doesn’t work . Lots of people have tried to figure out what can rehabilitate people, and the answer is essentially: nothing. It’s hard enough to get people to change their lives when they want to actually change. Prisoners actively don’t want to change. Many are openly hostile to rehabilitative efforts. Don’t ask your neighborhood to pay for you to take a silly class that won’t help anyway.


  2. Hey I follow these blogs and want to see if you may knew a friend of mine who wrote one time before but I never seen him write again he go by Zeno first name Malcolm


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