Tony Lewis

The 2nd Commerical for Nutta Pumpkin PIE, by Tony Lewis

This is marketing material for Miss Quad’s product, Nutta Pumpkin Pie, which will be directed by Trina Braxton, from the morning talk show Sisters Circle Live.

The Script

The commercial starts with a woman greeting her boyfrined at the door. Its a dinner date. They embrace briefly, then move to the dinner table where a feast awaits. The young lady motions to the table, which is also set with candle light.
The woman: I made your favorite some BBQ Chicken, some buttered rolls, oh, and( she says this part as if shes the best girlfriend in the world) I even got us some of that pie you like so much.
The handsome boyfriend steps to her from behind and passionately wraps his arms around her frame. When he speaks, his voice is smooth and infused with a desperate eagerness.
The Boyfriend: Baby, I dont mean to sound disrespectful or nothing but uh..( he plants a soft kiss on her neck)..I was hoping maybe we could, you know…skip this dinner and get straight to the dessert.
The girlfriend looks appalled( but in a good way) She stammers, totally taken off guard by his overzealous interest in her ” cakes ”.
The woman: (smirks with seduction) Well okay..Im down for that. And as she turns around to face him, he looks appreciative of her undestanding.
But as the girlfriend rasies her lips to his for a kiss, he moves past her with his eyes stuck on someting behind her, amongst the food.

Looking baffled, the girlfriend turns to see what had suddenly grabbed his attention (and as she does, the viewer will hear the sound of food items rustling )
With her lips part incredulously, she looks at him as he helps himself to a slice of Nutta Pumpkin Pie.
The girlfriend places a hand on her hip, and shakes he head in disbelief.
As if all is normal, under the situation, the boyfriend delightfully chomps on pie, picks up the box and heads toward the bedroom.

The boyfriend: So whats up, we watching on Netflicks?

The boyfriend disappears down the hall. The girlfriend is left standing there, stuck at what had just happened.
Again, she shakes her head,and as she does, she ponders on the warning she’d read on the pie box:
” Nutta Pumpkin Pie…the pie that’ll have ’em craving a ‘Nutta’ slice.”

This script was composed by a prisoner on a path of redemption. With his book “A Million Wayz II Make A Million Wagez” expected to drop soon, he really needs Trina Braxton to see his vision.
Please, someone help him by forwarding this commerical to her social media page; her, or either Miss Quad Webb.
Thank you.

Tony T Lewis
DOC #98308

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