WELL TODAY I WOKE FEELING THT I NEED TO TELL MEN WHAT MKST WOMEN WOULD LIKE FOR US TO DO TO MAKE THEM FEEL MORE LOVED.. its something all you should not mind doing because your loved one spend everyday thinking of you and your kids thinking of ways to make you you feel better. I can honest I say that the women of my life is very constant with this. I did a study on her for a month just to understand how her mind operated. in I have to tell you it she thinks of me and the kids every single day! facts all the way until bedtime. it makes me feel good to know how much my woman loves me and the kids. so to move on I read a few books and learned an few things in I came up with ways we can make sure our woman know we love them or our other female loved ones as well.. guys we gotta make sure we show our appreciation. 1) woman would love you to remember increment of time you are experiencing. 2) they would love you to consider adjusting your behavior once in a while by doing things sooner than you normally would. 3) call them more frequently than you think is necessary. 4) plan something special for her. 5) compliment them more or tell them you love them more frequently 6) spend more intimate time than normal 7) remind her of how grateful your are of her, we have one life make sure you live everyday as your best day with your partner and kids I’m telling you guys women are the greatest gift on earth learn to understand you wife. well I hope this help some one else. write me for questions on or 2240 Hubbard red. Youngstown Ohio 44509

Melvin Shaw Jr.
DOC #a624671

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