by Michael Ketcham

As I sit back I find myself lost in thought, curious about the significant differences between humans & the rest of living species on this earth. There is & always has been an emphasis on this gap between what human males & females are capable of! It seems that an overwhelming portion of humanity, men & women both, make these comparisons in which women are not as strong or capable as men. We have been taught to believe & accept this fabrication since childhood & I often wonder how we as a society can expose the actual truth?

The Actual Truth! What is that? Some would say that it changes depending on who we might be speaking to. Some would point out that a chauvinist obviously will have a different truth than a feminist. Personally I do not believe that the truth is even close to being subjective. I think the truth is clearly identified with each day! Every time the sun rises the truth can be seen brightly in the way that nature unfolds! Whether we believe in a Creator or a power greater than ourselves, be it Christ, Allah, Buddha, Odin, Joshua, Yahweh or any other God or religious preference I think we can all agree that nature is a canvas of absolute purity! There are no emotional investments in the survival of a species, no empathy or hate from a lioness killing to feed her cubs, her pride! She & every other living creature, other than humans, live by one set of principles only, which are the Laws of Nature. Laws set forth at the beginning of breath, laws that cannot be blemished or disturbed by the intellect or perceived righteousness of humankind!

Human’s & human’s alone are the only living creatures that defies, denies & defiles those inherent laws that nature has set forth. We have no respect nor regard for the natural order of life. There is a rythym to existence that every animate & inanimate thing in this universe dances to accordingly, yet when it comes to human beings with our huge thoughts & ideas & ego’s we choose to move to our own beat even when we know it’s clearly off tempo!

As I look at the world around us, I see the other species that walk, swim, crawl & fly this earth & it is ALWAYS the females that stand at the head of their families! from bee’s to elephants women lead & rule in the wild, in most animal communities it is the female who is alpha. With that said, I wonder why & when the ‘civilized’ human being thought & decided that women were not capable of continuing in that role?

I often find myself utterly disappointed that we as a species have allowed ourselves to be misguided by those ‘civilized people’ with an opinion that has no foundation of truth or reality, period! As children we are inundated with this traditional story of men growing up getting big & strong, playing sports, going to war & working hard so we can court a girl, get married & start a family. It is pounded into our heads that we’ll bring the money home, protect family & country, fill her with seed & she’ll cook, clean & raise the children while worshipping us simply because we are men. This tale is told to young girls & young boys every day of their lives, not just at school but in the media, church & their homes as well! This lie is something that generations have not only lived with knowing but they’ve been re-telling it as well.

Mother’s & father’s start at their daughters births by teaching them all the proper, necessary edicate & poise it takes to be ‘suitable’ for a man that way she can be ‘taken care of’. she must be the perfect, untainted young women, maiden head intact, character unflawed & gods forbid she can’t cook! She is taught that any sexual exploration is nasty & unforgivable unless you’re a young man & then they are just ‘sowing their wild oats’. It is these hypocrisies that damage the minds of our children.

Knowing these things, how can society be surprised at how our young daughter’s & women are treated these days? Girls themselves are being taught that being born itself created a weakness in them, they believe from their first thought that they have to ‘catch up’ to the boys! They are taught that they’re already unworthy & have to work harder to obtain what society says they should be, they ultimately begin having body image issues & lack self confidence!

I don’t have a daughter, but the son I have will know & understand that it is his duty to prove his worthiness to a woman, he will know that women, ALL WOMEN are atleast his equal in life & once married his wife will stand high above him! He will know that it is only human kind who make a practice of belittling & demeaning the females around us. He’ll know that there is NOTHING right nor natural in the way women are treated in our societies & that we as men must adore, respect, love & admire those who ensure the future of our species!

It is my hope that the day will come when all men & women will see the truth of nature. That men will recognize & revere the amazing capabilities of the women around them & that women will finally understand & demand their worth!

Michael L. Ketcham
DOC #241552

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