Nathaniel Mccoy

by Nathaniel McCoy

How could this state talk about prison reform when they (politics)fail to give standard ethics to offenders in prison…Don’t get me wring there are some programs but they are only for those who have a little big of time…What about hose who have lenghty sentences?There’s nothing for that class of inmates to me is discrimination because, if the judicial system is seeking to change the laws or reform the prison system then everyone should get an equal opportunity…..You just place people back into society without tools to defend themselves due to the fact that unprepared individuals will only revert back to what they are accustomed to doing…The 14th amendment of the United States constution gives people the equal opportunity….Life is quiet challenging so therefore one must have a position to better their self but if one is placed in an inadequate predicament how can they make better decisions when the government places a strong hold on them.?.!!”?It is quiet obvious hat it was destine for the less fortunate to fail!!Slavery is still around just in a more indirect manner than the years before…..How does it make sense for a state to cut education??This state just recently gave teachers a pay rasie which again is crazy because judges and doctors make way more than those individuals…Lol.They equip them with the education to become people of political positions and helpful healers…The medical system is also corrupt due to the fact that they push drugs legally.It is allowed by this same government that sentence peopleto harsh sentences..Opioids are only a problem now because it is effecting the Europeanized communities or people of America…..I’m not a racist but I only speak from the fact things that transpire throughout daily life….What about the people in Harlem in the early 70’s?That borough of people were struck by the same plague but the government didn’t complain nor did they seek to band the sales of opiates!People talk about prison reform in many ways but how can one reform something or someone when the state in general needs assistance.It has to start with the outside.Education is at an all time low in this state, job production is in the same category, minimum wage is an even more complicated stress ton the economic system in this state….Of we can’t just blame it all on the government but majority of it can be dumped on to their lawns because the problem with in that branch of the system….This state went from a slave state to the most populated prison state in the country….Of course we’re all aware that the 13th amendment States that you can not be a slave unless youn are sentenced o the department of corrections..So if slavery is abolished then the next best thing is to build up the prison system economically…. Michelle Alexander was correct in her New Jim Crow’s(Mass Incarceration)…The slave trade went from slaves to inmates (slaves) or trustees….Most people would consider myself a repeat offender but contrary to that I have sought to reform myself because of the fact that I don’t’ wanna continue to come back to the pits of what is called the belly of the beast….I am seeking to change because of knowledge of self from Supreme Understanding….What Bette way for a man to find himself other than mass years of incarceration…Not saying that this is good but I’ve utilized my time into something constructive…..I as sentenced to a term of 40 yrs and chose to try and figure my life out because prison is no it my calling….I actually have something else in stored so therefore I build and try to influence others to understand my perspective….I’ve rehabilitated myself!!??Sad that it took this but ,this is what it is…In can actually say that I have changed…We as a people need to come to the understandings of life in general ignorance is a disease….It’s very plagueful and could be passed on through contact or influence of other ignorant individuals into the weak….Peace to all my viewers may thou seek balance and keep in mind that the department of corrections has a high rate of people that they lable mentally ill and illiterate….For more on the topics that the author post you may contact me at WWW.jpay .com #505368 Nathaniel McCoy this cite is not an intimate dating cite but used for myself as an avenue to build a community of readers……Thank you for your time…..

Nathaniel McCoy
DOC #505368

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