Christopher J. Smith



Welcome ladies and gentalmen to prison media network group, and before I begin everyone I just want to say that I am very much inspired by the strength and integrity demonstrated from our United States Congresswemen by the names of Alexandria Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib by sticking togather and speaking up against corruption and political racism within our government… Because of you four wemen, I now do not feel like Im alone in this fight… I also want to give a big thanks to Suzie Jennings in her support for prison network group to happen for me to Blog… Thank you so so much girl, fo sho… As we all know, I am unlawfully and wrongfully imprisoned, prison media network group was founded and created to be A voice for those who are being held silent against their will KIDNAPPED within State and Federal prisons UNJUSTLY for crimes FALSELY ORCHESTRATED against them by LAW ENFORCEMENT… Speaking as A victim and witness from this cause, prison media network group is A source that independantly investigates criminal cases of claims pertaining to ACTUAL and FACTUAL Innocence by first reviewing the Law Enforcements Incident Reports and Charging Instruments (documents) they used against you because this is where their FRAUD begins… Any Acts of corruptions involving any conspiracies to committing obstruction of justice or any SCOFFLAW practices of law committed by State employed agents within our State and Federal criminal judtice system… PMNG is also my own
Independant source for criminal, civil, or political information, as such with the help from resourceful insiders… Prison media network group is formed to bring awareness to our communities of color nationwide to provide you informaton on how to protect your rights, and the schemes used involving our Law Enforcement in violating the Law against us… We Will not stay silent while we are being racially attacked by our
Government, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice System! I will expose the dark and hidden Truth and its corruptors involved on every level by any means necessary……. Todays topic we are going inside the State of Ohios Federal and State court of Appeals courtrooms and expose their virulent practices of law against PEOPLE OF COLOR and later explain why these things are happening, this segment involves the Supreme court of Ohio chief judge MAUREEN O’CONNOR, the United States District court for the Southern District of Ohio judges BECKWITH, MERZ, BLACK, and LITKOVITZ, the Sixth circuit court of Appeals chief judge COLE and judges GUY, GILMAN, DAUGHTREY, GRIFFIN and
STRANCH, Sixth circuit case manager and Clerk of courts CHERYL
BORKOWSKI and DEBORAH S. HUNT former Ohio Attorney Genera now Ohio govenor MICHAEL DeWINE (0009181) and assistant Attorney
General MARY ANNE REESE (0044029) & the Ohio United States
Department of Justice Attorney BENJAMIN C. GLASSMAN & KENNETH L. PARKER… The unlawful use of Sham Legal Process pursuant to in
Violation of Ohio Revised Code 2921.52 by our Law Enforcement and employees within our criminal justice system are practices used as an weapon against us within their motives to scheme, steal, cheat, lie, and hide something, perversely as A result of this use of Sham Legal Process many inquisitons conducted particularlty speaking about officers of Cincinnati’s Springfield Township Police Department, of which Who has made me A victim and witness behind their misconduct by committing criminal and civil rights crimes of injustice against men and wemen of color while in the establishment of their police headquaters by revamping, in covering up their own crimes and destructive actions while alone with defendants and their personal property police
unlawfully seized by destroying their Township video surveillance from being evidence of officers being sought in malicious misconduct… Ultimately, sham legal process in general is sought within Law Enforements improper use of police reports and charging instruments… These documentations that I speak of is the INCIDENT REPORT, the AFFIDAVIT, COMPLAINT, WARRANT… The Affidavit, Complaint, and Warrant is used to officially charge A criminal for A crime after (A) the Incident Report has been thoroughly completed and thers probable cause showing that the accussed actually committed the crime… However, Law Enforcement has been using these charging instruments against people of color by FALSELY and FRUADULENTLY accusing us for Actual crimes that really happend but due to the lack of probable cause, Police have been maliciously using the charging instruments by DEFRAUDING the police reported case number from the original reported case number assigned within their UNIFORM INCIDENT REPORTS by charging innocent people of color for A crime that happen within the incident report, but not for the Actual reported crime… So if the Incident Report number is i.e.”2008-10010″ due to the lack of probable cause, police would falsely and fraudulently charge you under A false crime scene report such as i.e.”2008-30562B” under the charging instruments because they didnt have reason to charge you for the actual reported crime in the incident report!.. So basically we are being unlawfully kidnapped and sent through the courts process being charged and convicted for A crime under A unreported crime scene case number that doesnt exist that was defrauded on to the charging
Instruments falsely to give the appearance that this is Law
Enforcements actual reported crime scene case number in their incident report!.. Ladies and gentalmen thats what you call Sham Legal Process. Sham Legal Process is designed to make innocent people believe that their police documentations are lawfully issued, its purpose is meant to DEPRIVE and VIOLATE our DUE PROCESS, EQUAL PROTECTION and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS… These are practices by our Government employed agents who are executing against us in what its called SCOFFLAW practices of law, prejudice formed to emasculate people of color resulting from personal institutionalized bigotry… Law Enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and Republicans of Congress what they’re doing against us all is against the authority of the State Law and the United States Constitution… People who contrive A total disregard not only for the job, but, for HUMAN RIGHTS… Practices that is perverse To the DECLARATION OF INDEPENFANCE, betrayed… Betrayed motives such as to the Republicans and some Democrats like Donald Trump and Joe Biden APPROVAL to the 1994 CRIME BILL TO MASS INCARCERATION, This 1994 crime Bill which was distinctively formed to discriminate and target against people of color, Ultimately to violate our CIVIL RIGHTS to deprive of DUE PROCESS and EQUAL PROTECTION in A Bill that subsequently subjects African Americans, Mexicans, and Muslims to CRUEL UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT in violation to our 4th 8th 13th 14th
Amendment Rights to the United States Constitution… Because of this 1994 Crime Bill to Mass Incarceration, I and many other inmates becamed victimized by the State of Ohio abuse of Authority regarding their unlawful use of Sham Legal Process to being falsely and
Fraudulently implimented for crimes sabotaged by police… Due to my research and overstanding regarding law enforcements unlawful scheme This form of obstruction has now caused the State Prosecutors, Corrupt Public Defenders, and Judges to coherently for deceitful and seditious purposes has informed the office of the Ohio Clerk of Courts to revamp their services from serving documentational reports to those while in prison regarding copies of their case file to go ignored against the inmates request as the State of Ohio City of Cincinnati’s way in covering things up so they are refusing to give inmates our documents… Many inmates of color even went as far as sending A institutional check to pay For the copys and the Clerk of Courts would simply pocket the money and not send any copies.

Many Public defenders cannot be trusted when it comes to African American Lives in the State of Ohio when it boils down to effectively getting involved in researching documentational facts and evidence to ensure that their defendant is afforded Constitutonal Protection, Due Process, and Equal Protection Rights which proves to be very contrary when we have public defenders and Lawyers who are very aware of this type of Sham Legal Process being demonstrated against African Americans and failed as their Attorneys to raise these injustices being committed against us clearly and effectively… Because of their
malpractice, this has made it very difficult for inmates to obtain their case file to accuratly Appeal which only hinders inmates the ability to effectively Appeal… Once A defendant is sent to prison and that inmate is A person without financial help who is trying their best to Appeal their case, we inmates are left on our own because the State Federal court claims that the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution does not obligate the courts to provide to African
Americans appointed counsel for A fair opportunity to Appeal or represent them after filing for A Petition for Habeas Corpus… in the State and Federal courts motives these are their reasons to continue their injustices in view of A Sixth Amendment “loop hole” this form of abuse is A structurual Constitutional problem very much well it has been demonstrated through the actions from our State and Federal judges in their discriminatory fashion to deny counsel for the indigent incarcerated… Pay attention my people, how is it that African Americans According to Federal Law are not allowed to proceed in A court of Law without the presents of an Attorney but are made denied that Sixth Amendment Right to counsel in State and Federal courts when we file for an Appeal or Habeas Corpus petitions while in prison? However, Ohio’s Federal courts has undertaken to not provide A process under the Sixth Amendment United States Constitution to employ but only deprive and deny inmates Habeas Corpus and Appellate counsel when it Comes to those inmates who are wrongfully incarcerated and filing for relief under these petitions… The Sixth Amendment Right to be appointed counsel under the United States Constitution is A Federal Law of RIGHT, but, Ohio’s Federal and State courts are treating this right as A privilage while subjecting African Americans to CONSTITUTIONAL EXCLUSION… To cultivate this problem the Federal District Court of Ohio and the Sixth Circuit court of Appeals needs to improve and refine A quality of representation towards incarcerated inmates while in prison An must employ procedures consistent with the Authority within the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution that satisfy African Americans and every ethnic groups Due process and Equal protection rights to appointed of counsel when upon filing petitions within their Federal courts to ensure that African Americans within these prisons that our petitions are being fully and fairly litigated and that all issues are being reviewed to protect inmates rights… I and many other inmates in Ohio while on our own have been continuously filing for our relief under these Habeas Corpus Petitions after discovering the State of Ohio’s unlawful practices of Law… Just so my readers know, when we (inmates) file for Habeas Corpus petitions we now become the Plaintiffs in our case… So to be released from A unlawful and wrongful
Imprisonment under A habeas corpus petition, inmates must first make A clear claim showing A DELIBERATE FABRICATION OF EVIDENCE we must show, you know refute, that the States proof is Constitutionally
Insufficient to sustain its conviction… Listen my people Im giving you the jewels so you can help someone in need… Secondly okay the Two (2) propositions we must show is that… 1). The (State) police continued their unlawful investigation against you dispite the fact that they knew or should have obviously known that you wad innocent and… 2). The (State) police used investigative techniques that were so coercive and abusive that they purposely knew or should have known that those techniques would yield false information… Now to prove that the police continued their unlawful investigation against you and that the States evidence is constitutionally insufficient to sustain its conviction
Involving police investigative techniques that would yield false
information, first in many cases we can use video footage, secondly theres the use of Sham legal Process within police reports which (may) show the frequency of their misconduct involving investigative
Techniques that would yield this false information and Lastly any physical false manufactured evidence police used against you! However my people really think about this part here okay read this part—> investigative techniques that would yield false information? Now ask yourself if video evidence is not available to capture police misconduct because as we know police will destroy that evidence… Right? So in order for A States case to collapse and for you to prove that police false manufactured physical evidence against you… Ask yourself okay, think about this yall, what proof of evidence will you turn to and evaluate very close that would reveal investigative techniques that would yield false information against you by police? Yes yes yes my loves they’re very own police reports, and charging instruments they used against you… That will show the frequency of police misconduct against you such as Sham Legal Process, Fraud committed in the procurement to falsely accuse you by form and means to unlawfully search and seize your personal property without just cause indisregard pursuant to in violation Of 2933.32 (a)(b)(c) and (E)(2) of the Ohio Revised Code to distribute false manufactured evidence against you… When I cite 2933.32 right, when A police officer seize property from you, lets just say your shoes, according to 2933.32 that seizing officer must gernerate A report as to why he seized your shoes and if not then the seized property becomes unlawful… Thats another form of sham legal process yall! Now lets talk about their warrant process okay… In many situations due to officers Fraudulent misconduct used within this charging instrument, many Common Pleas court judges would nonchalantly authorize the arrest of your persons when knowing their unlawful use of Sham Legal Process was involved against you… Let me tell you what I mean yall, say if the police charged you for Aggravated Robbery and Felonious Assault okay, if they are using Sham Legal Process right, the police would next set out A Warrant for your arrest charging you for the Robbery and Assault on (2) Two seprate Warrant documentations… Now remember if your police Incident Report case number reads for example No:2008-10010 but the Warrant reads No:2008-30562B, then you are not actually being charged For the actual crime so police defraud the warrant against you due to the lack of probable cause to actually charge you for the actual reported crime scene so they used Sham Legal Process and knowingly A judge will know this kind of misconduct so when I say that the judge would nonchalantly authorize A Warrant… The judge may signature the document for only the Felonious Assault… But NOT THE AGGRAVATED ROBBERY! But you are still indicted and convicted for the Aggravated Robbery in Ohio, their use of sham legal process is extremely deceitful and unlawfully orchestrated to make innocent people believe that their charging instruments to arrest and convict you is lawfully issued… An NOTICE THE WARRANT WILL NOT EVEN HAVE THE COURTS SEAL ON IT! Remember, if the case report number on the incident report does not match up with the report number on the AFFIDAVIT, COMPLAINT, & WARRANT… Then you my love done caught their scheme! If ALL the Warrants does not have A signature of auhorization and it does not have The courts SEAL OF JURATION stamped on it, then you my love done caught their scheme! Now if the Affidavit, and Complaint does not state the victim (s) name that was robbed or shot or the name of the company/business the crime occurred upon and does not state what evidence police seized from you to allege you’re the suspect, then you done caught their scheme in committing SHAM LEGAL PROCESS! As to my point exactly in order for the States case to collapse and their evidence as A whole the key to it all is A showing of misconduct used within their own documentations which would reveal investigative
Techniques that would yield false information… Ladies and Gentalmen look up and cite these (3) three Revised Codes they are 2921.52 & 2933.32 & 2933.56 of the Ohio Revised Code, once you do that then you will see my point exactly because this is what Im going through, alot of Government conspiracies corruptions and cover ups in our criminal justice system! This is why its very important where ever State that you are at to figure out their Revised Codes to overstand what they are violating and Politically expose them in their corruptive practices of the Law! Corruption shall not hide no more and feel safe Doing so.

Ladies and gentalmen allow me to turn your attention to the Supreme Court of Ohio Chief judge Maureen O’Connor… Maureen O’Connor in person appears to be someone whos genuine about making sure that Law involving human and Constitutional rights are just… From view Maureen O’Connor is just as Poisonous as their Sovereignty which is very obvious in their judgments of practice… I and many other inmates of color wrongfully and unlawfully who has filed Habeas Corpus Petitions within the Supreme court of Ohio Would suffer an abuse of authority and power from malicious judgments Surrounding primarily around chief judge Maureen O’Connors Unaccompanying opinions by neglecting to disclose unexplained Judgments regarding (her) reasons for “SUA SPONTA” dismissing Predominately African Americans Habeas Co Petitions… The problem we African Americans face arises from Maureen O’Connors Ambiguous State court judgments such as these unexplained “sua sponte” dismissals which is A clear indication that due to these Unexplained dismissals would give the impression that those judgmentswas rendered solely upon institutonalized prejudice which had shown to Be A continuous practice of judgments against African Amercans while in State prison.
Secondly, this gos to the heart of all shams and injustice towards fairness against people of color… What you are about to read next are statements disclose to inmates from resigned inside informational sources by former Ohio Assistant Attorney Generals and Lawyers who has brought this to our attention that many of our Habeas Corpus Petitions filed within the United States District court for the Southern District of Ohio and the Sixth Circuit court of Appeals, State employees while behind the scenes have unparliamentary established A deceitful process against Ethnic groups of color who files Habeas Corpus Petitions Within those institutons are not actually being heard or reviewed in judgments by actual District or Sixth Circuit judges! Whats been going on in Ohios Federal Court system is that they have been operating A system in A discriminatory fashion against African American inmates in State prisons by executing in what its called an ETHNIC PROCESS OF ELEMINATION ACT against those who files for Habeas Corpus Relief, what they are doing is separating cases from whites and Blacks… 1to2% of each year an African American case in Ohio Federal courts gets heard or remanded compare to 13% of white inmates every quater within that year which makes white men chances at Liberty double!
Former Ohio Attorney General now State Govenor Michael DeWine (0009181) and Assistant Attorney General Mary Anne Reese (0044029) of the bar association, are 2 of the many Co-Conspirators who have been Participating in this Ethnic Process of Elemination Act with African
Americans Habeas Corpus petitons by giving incarcerated inmates A false appearance that actual Ohio District and Circuit court judges have been reviewing our petitions when the reality in their whole grand scheme of things inmates cases never made it inside of A courtroom, so if you filed A petition into the Federal courts as A inmate and you received A JUDGMENT ORDER document with the last names of Judges such as DAUGHTREY, GRIFFIN, AND STRANCH then that wasnt A judgment not by those judges and their names was apart of their Ethnic Process of Elemination scheme in distributing unlawful judgment orders That was generated and render upon inmates from Attorney Generals, NOT BY A JUDGE! Hear me out yall okay let me break this down to you… A lady by the name of DEBORAH S. HUNT who is the Clerk of Courts in the Federal Courts of Ohio and allege “case manager” CHERYL
BORKOWSKI of the Sixth Circuit, all collusively work with the Attorney Generals during this operation, conventionally they have Deborah S. Hunt who can deprive and selectively mishandle whats submitted on to the record pertaining to the filing of inmates Habeas Corpus petitions, such as, Motions, Affidavits, and documentational evidence attached related to the inmates innocence will be excluded if the evidence
Demonstrates damaging factors that refutes the States case then
Deborah S. Hunt will not submit that on to the record. Consequentiality my Habeas Corpus petition was subjected to their Ethnic Process of
Elemination scheme, Ohio Assistant Attorney General Mary Anne Reese Types up these unlawful judgment orders, she then assigns Circuit court Judges names on the front cover to give the false appearance that judges made the ruling in the case and once the paper work is typed she then next have Deborah S. Hunt sign it because she is an officer body of the court besides A judge… I am also A victim under Ohio Sixth Circuit Case No:18-4140 by Deborah S. Hunt who neglected and deprived me of my right to file my AFFIDAVIT OF VERITY regarding to my Documentational evidence attached to my Habeas Corpus petition as proof to my innocence to refute the State of Ohio case against me… These Ohio Federal court employees practices are so shrewd that instead of appointing Federal Public defenders to inmates who file for Habeas Corpus petition within their courts, the Attorney Generals office assigns to inmates “CASE MANAGERS” who are NOT ATTORNEYS such as CHERYL BORKOWSKI who claims that as Quot; “My job is to only review your case and make sure that everything you send is properly filed but Im not an Attorney”… For Cheryl Borkowski to not be An Attorney but assigned to only police over inmates petitions in making sure that every motion is properly filed for that inmate seems like A Responsibility the Clerk of Courts Deborah S. Hunt suppose to do… While Cheryl is given us the false appearance by reviewing and alleging to submit our cases as an Attorney would… So as this proclaimed case manager over inmates petitions is not A purpose of representing the inmate, then who is Cheryl Borkowski really working for here? The Attorney General?
Clearly these Federal assigned case managers serves no significant purpose towards inmates but A great opportunity to Aide for Attorney Generals by stopping, hindering or withholding from view incriminating documentational evidence submitted by inmates against the State of Ohio from the record before its Publication! Conclusive proof yall, my documentational evidence attached to my Affidavit of Verity was not submitted on to the record see, Ohio Sixth Circuit Docket sheet filer under Case No:18-4140… Hear me out yall, this is why Ohio Federal Courts under the 6th Amendment for Due process and Equal protection rights to the United States Constitution needs to establish A Federal process to appoint Federal Public defenders towards State indigent inmates who files their Habeas Corpus petitions within these Federal Courts because without counsel would only subject the inmate to
Constitutional exclusions without representation would then be critical factors for State and Federal Agents/Judges to continue their malicious practices of Law whereas counsel would protect the inmates rights who plays an essential role that inmates petitions are properly filed and all issues and evidence within its petition are reviewed and fully litigated… Ambivalence to this matter,the State and Federal courts needs to really consider in providing A VIDEO CONFERENCE PROCESS within these PRISONS by affording inmates the opportunity to be present while on VIDEO for their Habeas Corpus Petition Hearings before rendering A Judgment to deny their Petition while the inmate is not present would only subject the inmate to A deprivation of Equal Protection and Due Process Rights… This video conference setup in prisons will ensure to the inmate that all of his or hers Motions and Affidavits or Evidence of such is properly filed and all issues within its petition are reviewed and without BIAS are fully litigated… Incarcerated inmates in these State and Federal prisons ARE NOT LICENSED PRACTICING ATTORNEYS when filing their Habeas Corpus Petitions and SHALL NOT BE HELD or TREATED As such accorrding to the 6th Amendment to the United States
Constitution because A inmate alone lacks the skills of Law or knowledge to adequately pursue his rights without the assistance of counsel, it is asserted that it will best serve the interest of justice that inmates in
Prison has the benefit of counsel in as much as an prison video
Conference setup for the presents of inmates in Habeas Corpus cases and their ability to make theit own statements As the Petitioners.
I Christopher J. Smith Ohio inmate No:(a606.559) Political Prisoner and Activist, Director of Prison Media Network Group, for this cause I DO NOT HAVE GREAT FAITH amoung those over the operations within our CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM TO BE FAIR AND IMPARTIAL TOWARDS INMATES OF COLOR WHILE IN PRISON… IF JUSTICE MEANS WE HAVE TO POLICE OVER THE OPERATIONS TO END BACKROOM SECTARIAN
Witness these acts of corruptions being committed against Afrcian Americans, Mexicans, and Muslims in the court of Law, these video conference Habeas Corpus Recordings setup for prisoners will ensure their Due Process rights are protected and record rather Government officials demonstrated an deliberate indifference to perform An official duty or Legal requirement BEHAVIOR or LANGUAGE that brings about rebellion against the inmates evidence or Authorities to the United States Constitution… These recordings will serve its purpose to ensure Equal Protection Rights to give inmates the opportunity to report any unparliamentary scofflaw practices to the OFFICE OF THE JUDICIAL TENDER COMMISSION and the OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC CORRUTION UNIT… Equal and exact justice to all men and woman of what ever race in any State shall apply to the many innocent man and wemen held captive in Ohios Prison who has been denied Equal An exact Justice.

Me coming forward within these State and Federal courts without help from counsel with documentational evidence related to my innocence,
I have endured 11 years of continuous government coverups involving Federal employees withhold my evidence from the record, and judgments from those whos enigma is to baffle my case by ren unorthodox judgments that are lacking actual fundamental depth to deprecate our petitions by making contrary judgments As Quot Petitioner (Smith) do not rely upon A New, retroactively applicable rule of Constitutional Law or Any Newly discovered evidence showing that, but for Constitutional error, no reasonable fact finder would have found him guilty under 28 U.S.C. 2244 (b)(2);(b)(3)(c)”….
Ladies and gentalmen 28 U.S.C. 2244 is the Petition Application to file for A SECOND or Successive 2254 Application for A Habeas Corpus Petition, and now the SECTIONS (b)(2);(b)(3)(c) in my opinion is basically saying that in order for A judge to even consider giving A innocent or unlawfully imprisoned inmate released, we inmates must make A “PRIMA FACIE”… That is A Brief Petition showing that their evidence shows that (STATE) their conviction is unlawful and wrongful due to practices which resulted in violating the inmates Constitutional Rights had sought, No reasonable Fact Finder (JUDGE) would have found him guilty that satisfies the requirements pertaining to
Sections (b)(2);(b)(3)(c)… Now A great example for A inmate to provide evidence that shows his or hers conviction is wrongful due to practices which violated his or hers Constitutional rights that No reasonable Fact Finder would have found him guilty… The inmate would have to make A DELIBERATE FABRICATION OF EVIDENCE CLAIM showing that the Police continued their unlawful investigation against you dispite the fact that they knew or should have known that you was innocent and they used investigative techniques that were so coercive and abusive that they purposely knew or should have known that those techniques would yield false information, and, so to provide evidence that makes A “Prima Facie” showing that the States conviction is Constitutionally insufficient involving investigative techniques that would yield false information and false manufactured evidence as A whole, would have to be A showing of misconduct committed within Law Enforcements own Documentational Reports that satisfies 28 U.S.C. 2244 section (b)(2); (b)(3)(c)…Flat out!…. Another section which is consistent to this point is 28 U.S.C. 2244 (B)(i)(ii) which states as Quot: “The factual predicate for the claim could not have been discovered previously through the exercise of due diligence and; (ii) the facts underlying the claim (Documentational Evidence) if proven and viewed in light of the evidence AS A WHOLE, would be sufficient to establish by clear and convincing evidence that, but for constitutional error (4th &14th Amend) No reasonable fact finder (judge) would have found the petitioner (inmate) guilty of the underlying offense”… Ladies and Gentalmen new evidence does not necessarily mean DNA evidence NO NOT AT ALL! Thats what corrupt Government wants you to believe while they get away with PROCEDURAL FRAUD SCHEMES committed against you… To prove your innocence these type of evidence comes in many forms and the most critical factor that would collapse the State of Ohio case As A whole would be DOCUMENTATIONAL EVIDENCE showing the frequency of their misconduct such As SHAM LEGAL PROCESS that regular jury members of An Criminal Trial are more less incompetent to understand this form of misconduct being used compared to “FACT FINDERS” such As A Judge, Prosecutor, and Lawyer. I truely believe from my sources that Ive recieved denials of judgment orders that were actually generated and distributed from the Ohio Attorney Generals themselfs to give inmates the false appearance that these orders came from A judge to being racially discriminated against involving their participation in executing An Ethnic Process of Eemination Act towards African American inmates when filing our Petitions… When producing evidence related to our innocence showing that the States conviction is
Constitutionally insufficient regarding Police Incident Reports involving their charging instruments which was DEFRAUDED due to investigative techniques that yield officers false information or unbecoming facts, Ohio Attorney General Mary Anne Reese virulently went As far As above The Law to Stop and hinder my Habeas Corpus Relief from
imprisonment By submitting her BRIEF OPPOSITION IN RESPONSE to my Petition under Sixth Circuit court of Appeals Case No:18-4140, She Stated As Quot: “The crime occurred (against Smith by Police) in June 2008, and Smith was convicted May 2009. Smith did not file his First federal Habeas Corpus Petition until November 30, 2010 and Smith with Due diligence should have known about any claim he had regarding
(false an fraudulent police documents used against him) his charging documents by the time he filed his first petition”… Mary Anne Reese further States As Quot: “Because Smith waited until June 2016 to raise the claim for the first time in STATE COURT, and until October 2016 to FIRST raise the claim in A prior Motion (Habeas Corpus) for A second or Successive Petition Smith cannot meet the Due diligence prong”…
Mary Anne Reese then States… “in the alternative, to the extent that Smith proposed claim is A New One not raised in any prior application, this court SHOULD STILL DENY HIS INSTANT MOTION”… Ladies and
Gentalmen that was A clear demonstration of personal institutionalized prejudice from Mary Anne Reese which gives me reason to believe that her actions was A result in their Ethnic Process of Elemination Act towards African Americans Habeas Corpus Petitions, which is A form of SCOFFLAW practices of Law by knowingly permitting A wrongful State Imprisonment regarding to conclusive documentational evidence falsely & fraudulently committed against me by Police involving A HATE CRIME! For Ohio Assistant Attorney Gerneral Mary Anne Reese (0044029) to justify back in the year of 2008 basically when I was 20 years old to claim that I should have known about the police officers misconduct being done against me within their documents and just because I was unaware of that form of police mischieve, Mary Anne Reese States that its my fault for not knowi sooner and shall not be released from Prison… So basically She is permitting A HATE CRIME to A wrongful conviction by the State of Ohio to be justified! That is clear CORRUPTION and OBSTRUCTION of justice!
Hold up yall listen to this I was reading this next part here out of A Federal Habeas Corpus Law Book and it stated As Quot: “If such CONVICTION was OBTAINED in DISREGARD or in VIOLATION of RIGHTS secured to him by the CONSTITUTION and LAW of the UNITED STATES… He may apply for A Writ of Habeas Corpus to be DISCHARGED from custody under such conviction… We cannot do anything alse than discharge the prisoner from the WRONGFUL confinement in the
(Documents) and therefore, hath A right to be delivered… For the Writ then becomes A WRIT OF RIGHT, which may not be denied but ought to be granted to every man that is committed or detained in prison or otherwise restrained of his Liberty”…
As A result under Ohio Sixth Circuit Case Case No:18-4140 the Ohio Attorney General Mary Anne Reese, Michael DeWine and Clerk of Courts Deborah S. Hunt mailed to me A judgment order with the names of Judges Daughtrey, Griffin, and Stranch DENYING my Petition wrongfully.
I wrote to and mailed my evidence to Amy C. Stone of the Supreme Court of Ohio Disciplinary Counsel and Also sent my evidence to the Ohio United States Attorney Benjamin C. Glassman and Kenneth L. Parker of the OHIO UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE on Date July 16 2016… I explained to them that I have been KIDNAPPED by the State of Ohio involving their Law Enforcement and what they are reviewing is conclusive documentational evidence that Law Enforcement of Cincinnati Springfield Township Police Department have committed A HATE CRIME against me from accusing to defrauding their charging instruments i.e.(Affidavit, Complaint, warrant) against me for A crime I never committed by charging me for A real crime but under A false crime scene under police report crime scene No:C08CRA30562B under A warrant which was not Authorized to arrest me for A crime which police defrauded from the original reported Case number in their Uniform Incident Report As defense Exhibit (1.A) under Case No: C08CRA10010 and that the State of Ohio has been unlawfully and wrongfully holding me against my will in prison kidnapped for A crime Police Sabotaged and Orchestrated against me Falsely and Fraudulently so Ive enclosed my evidence to you as conclusive proof regarding this matter… On Date July 29 2016 the Ohio United States Department of Justice Denied to help me, Benjamin C. Glassman and Kenneth L. Parker Suggest that my situation would be better handled by A State Appeals Attorney… The State of Ohio refuses to appoint me Counsel and the Ohio Innocence Project refuses to help me, they claim to only deal with DNA such as rape cases… Ohio has No Exoneration Organization that deals with unlawful and wrongful convictions As A result to the States unlawful use of Sham Legal Process Pursuant to 2921.52 of the Ohio Revised code… If we the American people cannot depend on the Ohio United States Department of Justice to defend our civilization and Law As to the United States Constitution to not hold those in positions of this Government or Law Enforcement accountable for committing Federal crimes against the public where their actions sent innocent men to prison… Then who are we to turn to for help in this Government when the Department of Justice wont do Nothing? What is the Ohio Department of Justice purpose when recieving evidence that Hate Crimes are being committed against African Americans by police and our criminal justice system? What is their purpose yall? From the way it looks to me, they are operating under JIM CROW LAWS.

Ladies and Gentalmen we are now in the part of this segment where I break these situations down and explain to the best of my ability why are these things are happening and share to you how we can overcome to reform this system of corrupt Communism… Yall Ready? Here I go… Speaking As A Independant Political Activist, I believe in being Direct and Transparent when presenting the facts from A logical stand point and hold No punches when confronting Bullshit behind
nonsensically hoked or Hog-wash manipulators whos purpose is to
misguide us and I will not stay silent when it comes to corruption committed within any institution of our Government… So lets cut to the chase everyone, our Government is being operated As A DEMOCRATIC DICTATORSHIP, and people of color has had enough of this rep See the problem that we are faced with within our State and Federal courts in Ohio is that we have Judges and Attorney Generals who are impishly executing in what its called An ETHNIC PROCESS OF
ELIMINATION ACT under what its called SCOFFLAW practices of Law, okay, under this dictatorship democracy this Ethnic Process of
Elimination Act is A direct result, resulting from the APPROVAL of the 1994 CRIME BILL TO MASS INCARCERATION which was also approved by former VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN, Republican Congressmen Senate Majority Leader MITCH Mc’CONNELL, and President DONALD TRUMP… This was formed distinctively to discriminate against people of color
Predominately African Americans, Ultimately to violate our civil rights to deprive of Due Process, Equal Protection and Constitutional
Exclusions in A Bill that subsequently subjects African Americans,
Mexicans, and Muslims without JUST CAUSE… GUILTY and made to suffer CRUEL UNUSUAL PUNISHMENTS Pursuant to in violation of our 4th 8th 13th 14th Amendment Rights to the United States Constitution…
When I speak about A system of Corrupt Communism, introspectively, Im talking about the Republican Party whos “Grand-O-Purpose” since the beginning of time was planned to destructively control the economy While opperating under JIM CROW LAWS in their process and Still to this Day of October 1st Year of 2019… Pertaining to those within our Criminal Justice system, these type of people are Poisonously Narrow Minded Perverse individuals whos character purposes are Contrary to whats good or right while acting under the color of Law… Thus I say
Individuals, Conveniently, As A whole, they are A group of people in A Society of our Institutions who are only United by the Same Malicious common interest sought As SOVEREIGNTIES… This is why employees in our State and Federal courts in Ohio are perniciously practicing… Hear me out yall okay listen to this right here… The Slogan “Make America Great Again” was A Syndication declaring the Rise of the South and accross the United States As A White Supremacy Rule of Authority and World order to CONQUER, DIVID, ENSLAVE and Politically demonstrate White America is ABOVE THE LAW… Farewell to Democracy right?
Sovereignty groups are Political white supremacy dictators, such As the Republicans who attacked the beautiful Muslim United States
Congresswoman ILhan Omar during A Presidential Donald Trump Chant As Quot: “SEND HER BACK” are clear demonstrations that those attacks was expressed messages saying “hey, this is white America and if you dont like our ways then you people dont belong”… We all must view the Bigger picture here, Racism is controlling our institutions, and Donald Trump helped by exposing their hidden truths that Hate for The Nigger continues… Now lets look at the numbers okay, there is what, 800 Million or more people in America? That attack against Congresswoman ILhan Omar wasnt An Attack only against her… That was A clear attack against us all from the 90,000 people who support Racism under Jim Crow Laws! So how is Donald Trump going to win with only 90,000?
How… What The ELECTORIAL COLLEGE to CHEAT for you? I guess the American people Votes doesnt matter because we are looked upon As OBJECTS OF STUDY within their institutions to see How Many Americans still Believe in this DICTATORSHIP DEMOCRACY! My people but thats A different Topic, now lets get back to the matter at hand…
Whats really happening As I stated previously As A wide spread
Government cover up towards many defendants in the criminal justice system is that we are in prison suffering from malicious Persecutions not Prosecution… PERSECUTIONS and SHAM LEGAL PROCESS serves As A vehicle to HARASS and cause SUFFERING A form to OPPRESS… Back then the NAZI”s executed practices of what its called “POGROM” and Pogrom has the same DNA characters As Persecutions, but the Nazi’s under Pogrom was An organized Persecution and massacre of the Jews simular traits to the Klu Klux Klan which was and STILL IS NOW An
Government organized Persecution and massacre of African Americans and their form of Pogrom Today against African Americans and Mexicans is the Persecution and massacre of us all… Is the CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM and the PENITENTIARY under JIM CROW LAWS! Horrific realities of racism involving white supremacy groups compared to the events which occurred from 1857 through the1960s are quite simular today in 2019 which is very much well to Assume that we are dealing with people who are operating our criminal justice system that are United with the same common interests As SEGREGATIONISTS by using these unlawful convictons and Penitentiaries As their mountian ground for enslavement… As such these are SOVEREIGNTY practices by
SECTARIANISM, the 1994 Crime Bill to Mass Incarceration was
Bureaucratically formed As POLITICAL GENOCIDE, its purpose serves As An ETHNIC BILL DECLARATION OF INTENTIONS to be “Politically Correct” African Americans and Mexicans Predominately makes evident of the prisons population Today in A crime Bill whos driving force is by destroying racial cultural groups of color, and thats what you would call Political SUPREMACY PRACTICES OF RADICALISM under Jim Crow Laws… OHio Attorney General Mary Anne Reese was clearly made Aware under my Habeas Corpu Petition that Ive submitted documentational evidence showing that the State of Ohio conviction is Constitutionally Insufficient involving investigative techniques that yield false
information… As A result, Mary Anne Reese submitted her Brief
Opposition in response towards my Petition she Stated As Quot: “In the Alternative, to the extent that Smith proposed claim is A NEW ONE not raised in any prior Application, this court should still deny his instant Motion”… That my people dispite my innocence was A clear
Statemented Example of A wrongful Persecution involving Supremacy Practices of Radicalism in her allegiance [to] opperating under Jim Crow Laws! The State of Ohio subjected me to cruel unusual punishment unlawfully and wrongfully sentence me to 28 years in prison As their means of Pogrom in A organized persecution and massacre of my Life!
Me exposing this corruption, I have endured Pain and Suffering and witness Premeditated correctional staff abuse committed against me and other inmates ranging from Menacing Abusive Languages to Racial Slurs, Inappropriate Intrusions to my Personal Bodily Integrity, Abuse of Power Force and made to Stand against my will Simular to but without the “HITCHING POST” up against A wall for countless Hours, chemical Agents being deployed As CHEMICAL TORTURES used As PUNITIVE
MEASURES TO SUBORDINATE, P.R.24s used SPITEFULLY As An DEADLY HIGH INTEREST USE OF FORCE AGAINST UNARMED INMATES, As A cover Up familes are being Lied to and misinformed As to their Loved ones Death, Deprivation of meals, from ASSAULTS to crimes of MURDER… Correctional officers would place A inmate in handcuffs and walk us to A Blind spot within the prison such As their SCO Office or A room inside the medical area and they would beat on us like cowards out of view from cameras, the Black officers of rank like Lieutenants would see these attacks and review Complaints from inmates written on our JPay system but they are affraid to hold them accountable, so the White officers will still continue their crimes… I have been wrongfully sent to prison and suffered these conditions… Conditions within OHio’s
Institutions operating As TORTURE FACILITIES such As OHIO Lebanon Correctional Institution where I suffered 10 years of abuse before
Transferring into Toledo Correctional Institution… Republican Senator John McCains daughter of the ABC Talk Show called THE VIEW, his
Daughter MEGHAN McCAIN made A Patronizing Egocentric statement by Saying that these Institutions are not being operated like Concentration Camps and stated that the United States Congresswemen Alexandria Cortez, ILhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib are just Lying… Meghan McCain says nothing about what go’s on within these
institutions Could compare with Nazi Germany because Meghan McCain Claims that she has been inside these institutions and its nothing like Concentration Camps… Meghan McCain in her actions, WE SAW, she became extremely rebellious and cantankerous to enervate that whats going on within these Government institutions are false and dont compare to Nazi Germany without producing FACTS of Any Sort
[EVIDENCE] to support Meghan McCains claim! Torture Facilities in their practices comes in many forms… To be falsely and fraudulently accused An sent to prison, victim of police corruption, is Torture! Suffering A Denial from the State and Federal courts with evidence proving my innocence, is Torture! Sentence me to 28 years in prison for A crime police Sabotaged against me where I could possibly DIE, is Torture!
Alexandria Cortez and her team went to the Mexican Boarder and witness horrible conditions simular to Concentration camps and Americans we All seen the pictures!… On T.v. Rights?

So Meghan McCain if you want the Truth, open yourself up to be
receptive to the Facts instead of being defensives towards corrution by taking our stated personal expriences of Facts offensively to the Truth. Alexandria Cortez and I have been producing these Facts because we are in the middle of this crisis… An you on the other hand, Meghan you claim to have been inside these institutions and said its no Say… But Meghan, for you to claim you been inside these institutions only like one time, theoretically, “Meg” you havent proved NOTHING!
Therefore Meghan you’re Lying which makes me believe that yo approve or in denial As to these corruptions inside of these institutions, or maybe you just dont care and feel thats the way institutions shall be. Just like all Republicans, they have A very twisted perception when it comes to Equal Protection, Due Process and Civil Rights to people of Color inside these institutions as Well as inhumane conditions which is quite Perverse and ignoble, Republicans believe that these institutions were built to be Hard and careless towards inmates… Im here in prison and they do nothing about criminal rehabilitation or corrective thinking! Government officials are so confused, theres this talk about drugs drugs Drugs drugs drugs and if that seems to peak your interest then build Drug rehabilitation institutions and send drug cases there! NOT PRISON! The truth is people, these prisons were built for Segregational purposes towards people of color to keep us SUBSERVIENT servile As to An servant or Slave, they say we are innocent until proven guilty but we are guilty for being Conquered Black, As such their practices Ultimately is Genocide rather if your innocent their opperating still Today under Jim Crow Laws… Caucasian people have been since the beginning of time while having No real Natural explanation or cause has continued to
Demonstrate their Hate against us, Corruption to them is their way of being FERRIOR and for many years they wanted to be looked upon As the Dominate race you know “THE GREAT WHITE HOPE” they want Blacks to depend on them… Look at Kim Kardashian look who she run to For prisoners “Donald Trump” instead of A Politician who Black! Kim I Love you girl No hard feelings I just had to use you for example, we Both Libras so I know you see my point… Anyway, so they started
Exercising complete Political control such As Communism and then Sovereignty Sectarianism was born Political Supremacy Practices of
Radicalism was being executed within our Institutions the approval of the 1994 Crime Bill to Mass Incarceration was generated these
institutions became New Jim Crow Torture Facilities to the wrongfully convicted, I view these institutions As Concentration Camps where many innocent men, great men have lost their Lives… They want us all to be confused, PSYCHOLOGICALLY CONDEMNED in hopes that we give up and to give up means to be SOCIALLY DISORGANIZED and when we are socially disorganized, then we are PARALYZED become
SUBORDINATE to their abuse, neglect and Corruption right before our eyes… Do I give up and stay quiet?… Heck No! How would you expose corruption my Brother? How would you expose corruption my Sister? What is A innocent man like me suppose to do? What would you do? Theres No Equal and exact Justice to all men of what ever race in any State… No No No, its only Political Persuasion projected from their race! So if we people of color stand against their injustice to witness their crimes against us, we are then PENALIZED and subjected to HARSH conditions for NOT SUBMITTING and PLEADING GUILTY!
Thses things are happening to African Americans because Caucasians for so many years are still United by this Wild Western Civilization in their heritage which is solely based on their abuse of power and
Authority which is to commit corruptions and oppressive actions… Conscious minds such as African Americans, Mexicans, and Muslims view caucasian Behaviors to be Abnormal, but Caucasians for malicious reasons thereof has grown to adapt An view that their Subnormality practices is normal, dispite their carelessness in destroying the Lives they hindered… White people think that because Blacks call their Neighborhoods the “Ghetto” or “The Hood” we are less intelligent… Well, I grew up from the ghetto, Im from the hood and the Burbs too, I see the struggles we face and I know How we can make it better yall… The way we can change our system is by recognizing that we dont need another Micheal Jordan, we dont need another Jim Brown, we dont need another Rapper rapping about drugs, guns, money, wemen, cars, jewelery or some black man Hating him… But, what we do need is for the rich and wealthy People of color to invest their time into AFRICAN AMERICAN ADVANCEMENT within our communities, and dont look at us As Charity because we dont want your Money! We ask that you all to Expaned your minds Politically by connecting personally with our communities, because theres A Political economic war against our race and if we had the right support with African American rappers, NBA & NFL players togather we could discuss important issues on how corrupt Government is effecting our communities and force Congress to end the malicious practices… We need your help by focusing and getting into Politics and making A way for us to get in Position to make A change for the greater good of our society, your Platform can Pave the way for Political African American Advancement, shed Light on us, help by standing with us… Give us A chance to speak… Show us that you care An its not all about getting money from us to support you! Many Rich people of Color view their success As money, jewelery, cars, Trips, The Lime Light, Fan followers, “Likes” mansions, rewards, and only support those who are rich like them, their only main concern and appearance is To only “SECURE THE BAG” but they fail to realize that they Are the Riches Losers of our Ethnic because they failed to SECURE THE LAND! After Barak Obama more people of color suppose to be running for President of the United States, which proves to be A Disconnect with Rich People of color by not getting involved with our communities in our journey to Secure the Land and thats Political Power the BIGGEST BAG TO SECURE! We need more people of color inside of Congress, more Black & Brown Senators, more people of color As Politicians in Positions of our Government… Come on yall, if Black Lives Matter then lets Focus on getting ourselfs in positions of Government to make our Lives matter… 400 plus years and still counting Today White people within our United States Government, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice System has continued to demonstrate that Black Lives doesnt matter!… Which leaves me to say that the Biggest corrupt criminal enterprize and purveyor against people of color is this Repubican
Government… But, what I do know is that the biggest bag that needs to be secured is the Land, thats how they been winning for 400+ years! Now is the time for us to get in position and start voting them out of the Way… THE DAY IS OURS AN OUR TIME IS NOW, we have to support each Other Politically by making sure we are voting for our Black & Brown Politicians in High Positions of Congress As well As our President…
Listen yall, A man by the name of MITCH McCONNELL is A Congressmen Senate Majority Leader who is A Racist Corrupt Republican who played A Major conspiracy roll with the Russians to Aid Donald Trump in his
Fraudulent Presidency, Mitch McConnell could have Abolish the
Electorial College but he did not and will not because the Electorial College is their Cheating card and with that our votes doesnt matter! All the Russians had to do is connect with the Electorial College and Donald Trump is President, The Russians made Donald Trump The President Because Trump owes The Russians Alot of Money and this is how they can get they money back, thats why Trump will not disclose his TAXES! Because Trump is A Fraud! An Mitch McConnell is Aiding Trump, the same person who? Mitch McConnell who said what the Hell with reparations African Americans dont deserve nothing! We shall not endure this abuse no more from Mitch McConnell yall, so what we all have to do this SEPTEMBER 2019 is vote Mitch McConnell out of the office, VOTE MITCH McCONNELL OUT THIS SEPTEMBER!
Lastly, my people I need your Help okay, As A Independant I am not Asking for money No Not At All Im asking for your voice to help me reveal my documentational evidence I have to prove my innocence so that I can help others. I ask that you help me expose this form of
Corruption being committed against us within this criminal justice system… I ask that you dont feel sorrow for me… No! Because Im Strong and we have so much to acheive to make our communities A better place, my daugther needs me out there shes 10 years old and I want to be in her Life because my father wasnt in mine. I love my baby.
So if you are reading this your help is really needed, and with that being said, we will not give up, we will not fail, we will persevere, we are
Independant… AN WE RISE, forever more An we Rise.

Christopher J. Smith #a606.559
Toledo Correctional Institution
2001 East Central Avenue
Toledo OHio 43608
or e-mail at:

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