Abdurahman Abdurahman

To the woman I’ll spend the rest of my life with, by Abdurahman Abdurahman

I loved you a thousand lifetimes before ever meeting you. Countless times have you crossed my mind. A faceless stranger that I’m so deeply connected to. My soul has been tethered to yours at birth. You are the reason why it will never work out with anyone else. I have yet to find you. I feel as if you are closer to me than I could imagine. Distant, not far. Our time is near my love. I’m waiting for you. wherever you might be. All that I have endured, all my pain and suffering has not been in vein. I’d gladly go through it all over if the road lead right to you. Worthy of all the trouble in the world. Worth more than your weight in gold. I’m not seeking you for the sake of myself, but for the sake of loving you the way you should be. You’ve been through enough in my eyes. All of your tears have not dropped without cause. Your heart has not ached without justice. I’m on my way. To renew your hopes and raise your spirits. To be forever in your corner. Not only to die for you, but to live solely in your wake. For you my life is yours. I patiently wait for the day we cross paths. As I lay here with the thoughts of you, I wonder if your being carried away with the thoughts of me.

Abdurahman Abdurahman
DOC #A731319

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