Returned to prison but not for long, by ISADORE BARBOZA

My court date went well I believe I won my appeal and will be granted a new trial soon,and go home were I belong those of you who prayed for me thank you very much,please continue to pray for my release, thank you…..
I am still looking for someone to help me start my organization “Free my brothers and sisters” it will raise funds for those of us who were unjustly convicted for no other reason then an inability to hire an attorney, in this unjust system you get what you pay for no money for an attorney no representation,if you don’t believe me answer my this one question (why is thousands of innocent men and women who were wrongly convicted released every year?) So if there’s anyone out there who feels like I do let’s do something about it and not just sit back and say “that’s a shame that poor guy served 30years and was innocent” let’s stand up against an unjust system…
Well saint you all be blessed and someone please help me make a change.
Does it not bother you a year in prison cost more then a 4 year tuition in college? Its your tax money spend it as you wish I just hope you do the right thing….

Well I can be reached two ways ISADORE BARBOZA 5368 Valdosta Ga 31603 or
@jpay. com ISADORE BARBOZA 1001655192 Ga department of correction..
Sincerely an innocent man,
God bless

DOC #1001655192

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