Denzel McEwen


Having an significant other while your in prison. I mean, could you even call what you have an relationship? Now a days you have to have intimacy in order to be in a committed relationship. It’s like you fuck first and then sort out your feelings. Theirs no real connection.

Me personally, I guess I can speak for some other guys and girls that’s incarcerated, that’s all we look for. No physical just mental and emotional. To give and receive because thats what i need and long for. That’s the foundation of a great relationship.The physical is a plus; Just to clarify, when I say physical I do mean sex.

Even when I was home I wanted something real but sex just kept clogging my thoughts and better judgement. Everytime I thought there was a possibility of some real connection sex would, some how rule over all. That’s only because we never took the time to build something, anything. After the physical contact was done we had nothing to talk about, nothing in common. shoot we might of had plenty in common but only if we had spoken, and opened up to find out about that person.

I said all that to say, in prison I’ve learn to not focus on the physical aspects of the relationship but more on the emotional, mental and the spiritual part. you can’t build a great relationship with out it. All my so called “relationships” ended because I never took the time to do that.

Now that I’ve seen what I’ve been missing, who knows maybe I might have a shot at love. Until next time. Head up never down aim for the stars not the ground.

Keyon Vaughan
DOC #31464353

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