Wife of War, by Samuel Jones Jr.

Wife of War I got into an discusion with an inmate about a t.v. show.It was a show about two families having problems in their homes.The wives exchange families to fix the problems in the other woman is family.I dont know the name of the show.But,I told the inmate that my wife would not need another woman to deal with issues in our family,ONLY GOD!!!. He than said,take God out of the equation! But I could not make him understand that the absence of God in the families is why the women has to turn to the other woman to deal with their family issues in the first place! But that all falls on the husbands not leading their families according to the will of God.In other words,they are not operating in the position of authority in which God has ordained for him.But the husband must have a wife that will go into spiritual warfare with him for the protection of family on their knees in prayer!!He must also have a wife thats going to fight for him when he is being attacked by the enemy(the devil) and falls short.The movie”War Room” explains what I am really trying to say and explain.As a help meet to her husband and soul mate,the wife launches an all out attack on the devil on on behalf of her husband(the leader).A praying wife and mother is a powerful force to be reckoned with.If a man is to operate in his leadership role,he must be complete(whole).He has to have a wife thats going to stand shoulder to shoulder with him in spiritual warfare.When this happens,that fool,the devil knows he is in for a battle.A wife of God is a beautiful and awesome force of nature.But dont get it twisted,like a mother bear with cubs,when threatened,she will handle her business!When the husband operates in his position of authority,with Jesus leading him,he can lead his family and the wife will be submissive to him.He will then be able to stand strong against any storm and trial,because he has a wife of war by his side!! The husband is complete.With them dressed in the armor of God,they can over come any thing that comes against their family. All Glory and Honor to God.

Samuel Jones Jr. #350216
1630 Prison Rd.
Cottonport,LA 71327

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