Archie Wilder

RARE/ANOMALY, by Archie Wilder

The definition of rare:Highly valued owing scarceness or uncommonness: special.
definition of anomaly: something irregular or abnormal.
There are people in the world who are rare and who would be considered an anomaly. Even if they don’t see it themselves. That’s what you are. If there are other people in the world like you,I’ve never met them. Of course none of us are perfect, but the good qualities that you do have a person can look pass the flaws. Always wanting to see the good in people and giving people the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes I feel like the world is not deserving of people like you. You are a true blessing. That’s why I wouldn’t hesitate to put my cape on for you without thinking twice. Because even though you are a blessing to the world, sometimes you need to be protected from it.Because most people will take advantage of your rare character instead of appreciating it.I appreciate it.I’ve met a lot of different people in my life. And I can honestly say,I’VE NEVER MET ANYONE LIKE YOU. So what if I haven’t known you all my life, or if I don’t know all your secrets etc….I know enough about you to know that you are different.Even when your upset, its hard for you to be mean.Even when someone has wronged you,you still try to see some type of good in them.If the world was ran by people like you, it would be a completely different place. I don’t always agree with your methods.But I will TRY TO UNDERSTAND BETTER. Association with you could never get old. And when I say those words I know you believe it’s just prison talk.But its not.Even though the phone calls are so short, it’s time that I cherish. Even though it agitates me when our calls get cut short, I still enjoy the time that I do get. Because I feel honored that you would give me your time. There is nothing more valuable that you can give someone other than your time. And I appreciate every second that I get. Because you choose to give it to me.And this is just to let you know that your kind acts and willingness to help people and your caring spirit doesn’t go unnoticed. Because you can’t help but to acknowledge a RARE ANOMALY.

DOC #414-917

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