Alvin King


In our society these days a wide range of confusion has threatened our everyday well being. Some how friendship has gotten a tainted description and is now a institute to be easily disrepected. “Friendship is the nucleus of humanity”. There almost seems to have been a secretive operation and implementation of “illusional friendship” put in place to bend the fibers of togetherness. This operation has thoroughly distorted the previous established fundamental foundations of true friendship. The importance of real friends has been killed off and replaced with new measurements of selfishness that reflects the poorest interactions in the history of mankind. Friendships was once measured as something special with the benefits of the 4–S, security, support, sacrifice, & safety socialization.

What has caused the poisonous separational boundaries between the old high measurements of friendship and the new lower measurements of friendship? Well lets diagnose a couple possibilities that I feel people use to manipulate their irrespondsibilities for meeting the standard requirements of friendship. The all time most used excuses is most lkely to contain one of these three categories, principle, property, or person (boyfriend or girlfriend). A very vauble element of frienship is caring. So logically speaking, if you care about someone, there should never be a discrepancy between you and your FRIEND’S boyfriend or girlfriend. In caring about someone certain types of behavior should never manifest. Nor should money ever come between friends but money break up friendships on a daily basis. Also we have come so dependable on the computer that we overwhelmingly overlook the significance human interaction.

I am supportive of the perspective that we as a whole should embrace the concept that some friends are closer than related family members only because of a bloodline. People unconsciously don’t realize that they are ignorant to the value of a true friendship. Friendship relationships are a major importance in existence only secondary to a individual’s personal relationship from a spirituality nature. The reason friendships exceeds all others relationships is because the only relationships strong enough to have survivability is the ones established on solid friendships You start as friends and travel through life as friends confronting and overcoming the pains and joys of circumstances only to realize that the friendship bond is what kept everything glued together. Our everyday interactions is the classroom for teaching others how to treat a friend as well as how to be a friend.

People need to be taught how to be a friend like with everything else in life. You must learn how to speak, cook , paint, drive, and so on. So why would love and friendship be any different. What’s special and quite amazing is the lesson on how to be a friend is two sided. We teach people how to be a friend by demanding they be a great friend to us and we show them how it’s applied by how we treat them. Like the old saying goes it takes iron to sharpen iron. It is mandatory that we understand that nothing shapes our lives more than the friendahips we make, because there is no where else to learn how to live relate and love. Friendships is what guides us through the process of growing and maturing. When traveling within the tunnels of fundamental transparency, one learns qualities of trust, integrity, honesty, accountability and security just to name a few. However the dynamics that nurture fair treatment is the influence that rejuvenate abilities that births excellence in humanity.

I believe that every person has an obligation to him or herself to at least have a reasonable understanding as to why they built their relationships on the foundation they have chosen. You can get away with a poor foundation for a while, but when a crisis hits, the relationships built on the poor foundation will crash and crumble down. So it’s possible that individual can actually live their entire life under a delusion. This is what’s happening in today’s era, some people are under the impression that they are really good friends. When in all actually they are far from any sort of the definition. Example: if you were a real friend that truly cares, would you ask me to indulge in the use of a very addictive drug? Knowing it will cause me a lot of pain and suffering in the near future. Here’s a true example of an occurrence that took place with two individuals that strongly proclaimed they were the best of friends. We will call them Bob and Joe to protect real people as I spotlight their inner urge to destroy one another. Bob was a addict and like with most people, the drug is in control. So Bob tells Joe that if he wants to be popular with the females he need to shoot some dope with him before they go into the party. Bob knows Joe will want some more and Bob needs Joe to buy and cover cost. Joe want Bob tho continue to stay getting high because Bob wife is going tho leave him. Joe has already established with Bob’s wife that she will always have a place to stay. As you can see, the two of them Bob and Joe is only worried about them selves. These type of circumstances only produce negative results. In a friendship its not all about you..


DOC #224–312

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  1. the devil is the author of confusion and one of his jobs is to divide and the bible speaks of it begin this way in end times so trust and believe we are living in the last days.


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