by Nathaniel McCoy

Today’s mathematics is based on love.The love that one yearns for.Everybody overly expresses this word but yet they don’t fully understand it’s proper meaning .Love is always being there for someone just as well as being loyal to the individual or individuals involved .Some people lose their self-esteem because of this psychological effect caused by this mental mind game. Love is balance aty all times for one needs love to proved throughout life.For everyone enjoys the effect an energy that lobe brings .On a continuous basis love is needed throughout the world although most people are capitalist. Meaning that they capitalize off of others weaknesses !I would like to ask viewers that read this to give me an opinion on why people tell people that they love them and not mean it?How many of you that read this has been played with emotionally and misled into believing that someone actually love you?Not from an emotional stand point but from an opened minded person Ican speak of this because I myself have led people into believing this also not really caring bout ones feelings …As In continue to find myself on this quest through life I continue to build thanks to Supreme Knowledge….. I am not what one considers a FIVE Percenter but yet a builder …Why because of the fact that I build off of information from different subjects?I have a friend that has taken French feminism and this guy shared a book with me and another friend (We Want for our Sisters what we want for ourselves)Patricia Dixion-Spear …..I have yet to read the work this woman has delivered but once I do so I will drop the bomb on those of you that haven’t heard the message this sister has to bring or brought …..?!!??.??,!!!….If you would like to know more about the person that provides this info you may contact me at WWW.jpay .com #505368 Nathaniel Mccoy or you may continue to follow my blogs it is also notable that you can provide me with donations to support my cause…Thank you for your time considerably Nathaniel McCoy

Nathaniel Mccoy
DOC #505368

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