Archie Wilder

Actions Speak Louder Than Words, by Archie Wiilder

I’ve heard that statement all my life. But after living for a while and having a few life experiences, I truly get the sense of those words. I’m not defined by what I say,I’m defined by my actions.I know a guy that I grew up with,who is incarcerated with me. He was given 25yrs for two counts of rape. Now from day one he has confessed his innocence to me.And at first I believed him.But after being incarcerated with him after all these years, his actions do not reflect a man who isn’t capable of rape.He has no self-control when it comes to sexual matters in prison.If he has no self-control in here and engages in activity that’s unnatural.It’s impossible for him to control himself out there in the free world. My words don’t define me, my actions do. If someone sees me in a certain type of light, I always ask myself, what role did I play in them seeing me this way.In the environment’s that I grew up in,having a name and a reputation meant something. And I worked hard at gaining and maintaining that reputation. It felt good to be respected by an entire city. You go in to the club and everyone is fighting for your attention. The men,because they want a connect on the drug trade. The women, because they want someone to take care of them.Some are even looking to get pregnant. But it felt good having fame. But there is always a price to pay for your actions.I think about all the drugs I sold. I think about all the fights I got into, all the shootings in broad daylight.So when all this took place and I tried to tell the police it wasn’t me who committed this crime, they weren’t trying hear it. Because my actions had created this bigger than life urban legend. So when that’s all that they saw, I had no one to blame but myself. So ask yourself, what do my actions reflect,and what do they say about who I am as a person? So daily I try to walk the walk of a changed man. Talking the talk is just that,TALK!My actions reflect my thoughts,so it all starts with my thoughts. In order for any of my actions to change I had to change my thinking first. Things that I once found acceptable, I no longer find them acceptable. Selling narcotics, violence, being a womanizer, are things that I can HONESTLY SAY THAT I WILL NEVER DO AGAIN. Coming back to prison IS NOT AN OPTION. And all those words I just spoke are reflected by my actions.Its easy to generate money in prison illegally. From tobacco and drugs, gambling, football tickets. I stay away from all of them. Because it only keeps you in that mindset of fast easy money. I’m willing to take the slow money and remain free. I started my journey on change when I realized that just because I’m physically locked up,doesn’t mean my mind has to be. So I turned my cell into a classroom. And I try to daily stay motivated to improve myself as a man.Because rather we are here or in the free world, Our actions define us not our words.So let your actions speak and not your words. Because what you do is what you will be remembered by.

DOC #414-917

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