Sean Lancaster

WHAT THE F…, by Sean K Lancaster

So what happened last week was that three guys decided that they were going to rape a guy that was in prison for rape, or some kind of sex crime.

So these three guys, I can only guess believed that it was OK to rape a rapist. What the f……! This is some of that insane shit going on in the world today.

These three rapist are clearly guilty because the medical staff pulled all three of the rapists seamen out of the guy that was raped. 

So what happens if this guys that got raped is found not guilty someday. It does happen that people are wrongfully convicted. What do we do just say sorry our bad for convicting you, and also for letting other prisoners rape you. 

I hear from people saying the rapist got what he deserved. No, you can not justify these three guys raping a rapist as being justified, no way never, but a lot of people do.

DOC’s hush tactic, hiding its dirty little secrets does not help anyone, but that is the way prison is and DOC does not want the public to know what is going on behind these closed doors. 

If the public knew the way DOC operated, people would not stand for it. I like most of the guys in here will be getting out someday and would you want a guy that have been mistreated, and abused by a corrupt system being your next door neighbor, I don’t want some of these guys to get out because they are not getting help, they are just being warehoused then dump out with nothing most of the time.

DOC takes everything from a weak minded person including their humanity.

Sean K Lancaster

DOC #993150

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