Self reflection, and abstract thought are tools I find myself using to understand the world all around us. I look into my heart using these tools of self reflection, and abstract thought to ask, is there a better understanding then pure love. There is nothing greater then pure love, and understanding, and man will not achieve peace on earth without it.

We believe It can be difficult at times to live in pure love because we all have these selfish instincts that are always trying to take control our emoitions. Emoition like, fear for instance drives these instincts, and it can be a very powerful force, pushing us away from the pure love that every human being on the planet longs for.

Most of us at birth receive this pure unconditional love from our mother’s, and father’s. The love a parent has for their child can be the most powerful, and most pure love of all because a parental instincts kicks in that overrides the selfish instincts, and fear instinct, making it much more possible to feel, and express your pure unconditional love.

If we want to feel this pure love then we must learn how to first show, and express this love by projecting it out ward in ever aspect of our lives. If you are able to let go of the fear, and doubt, then you are ready to over come them with understanding, and love.

Once you see that it is your instinctual behavior of survival that is responsible for driving you to turn from love, and understanding, you are ready to start practicing, and prejecting the pure love of your heart to the universe, knowing that which you send out will be attracted back to you. 

My sister sent me a book called ”The Secret” , this book speaks about the law of attraction, and how you can attracted anything from the universe by putting out the same energy you want back. 

This is the same concept, but I believe you should find your understanding, and love before anything else. After I finished reading the secret, I started sending out my energy to the universe that I wanted out of prison immediately, and when that failed to happen right away, I became dishearted, and manifested even more negative emotions into my life.

I have learned that all of the good in my life has started from love, but because I did not have the understanding of this love it was easily twisted, and corrupted into negative emotion like insecurity, and jealousy. My wonderful love, and happiness was replaced by painful negative emotions which only brought even more pain, and confusion that can be a hell on earth.

I had my first big break through sitting in quiet reflection asking myself a simple question,” why are you so angry, not just in this one moment, but your entire life”. The lightbulb came on, and I had the answer I needed as far back as I was able to remember. You are angry at the hypocrisy, and injustice of the world. As soon as I had this understanding it was like a ten thousand pound yoke was lifted from around my neck.

It was the first time in my life that I had a quiet inner peace, and in this quietness, I was able to understanding more, and more of the world I used to find so confusing, and frustrating.

In my understanding I could now see that my heart was leading me into another evolution because not only could I understand, but I also had the ablity to empathize, and have a kind understanding, and love for all humanity.

I was no longer mad at my fellow man because of their short comings, and instead I was saddened for the pain, confusion, the termoial that was once that ten thousand pound yoke around my own neck. 

I was now free of all that is humans suffering, but everyone else is still stuck in this mass confusion. I would share my new found understanding with everyone, and I was so shocked at some of the responses, that I would get from people. I even had one Lady cover her ears, and say she just can’t do this.

I don’t think it helped to explain my understanding as it came to me that one night because in my understanding I could see that all of humanity is insane in their lives of mass confusion. The word insane scares people, but how else should I explain to everyone that they are not rashinal in the emotional behavior.

It is hard for a insane person to see their insanity because without that quiet reflection that I had that day, and every day since, I would have never been able to see my own insanity. I do not believe it is possible to really find your own understanding without that quiet reflection.

Find a quiet place of reflection, and ask yourself why am I angry, hurt, fearful, hateful, or what ever emoition you feel is dominating you life, and weighting you down. You will know instantly if you asked the right question because that ten thousand pound yoke will be lifted from around your neck, and you will all at once feel relief, and have your great understanding.

After my understanding it took a little while to start to see that it was not only good to understand, but I needed to let my understanding manifest into something even more powerful, The power of love. 

Love answers everything because love is all that is good, and right in the world. My understanding was nothing without my pure love because without love my understanding is stranding me on a desert island far from humanity. 

You can’t just tell people they are insane, and expect them to go, oh yeah, I see the light, you can only lead them into the light with love, and understanding.

That is my hope right now, that you will feel everything good in the universe, knowing the universe will mirror this powerful love back to you. An unending over flowing powerful, love, and understanding just for you, and you become this love that is manifested into every thread in the tappistry that is your life.

Sean K Lancaster

DOC #993150

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  1. Quiet reflection isn’t easy for young persons attempting to find their identity, tackling the possibility of insecurity and uncertainty. It isn’t easy for those that have lost the one they felt had secured their share of love. For the heart runs wild and afraid for a while and some just cannot face quiet reflection on such heavy hearts and compassion is the key.


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