Sean Lancaster


How do we know right from wrong in our lives?
The knowledge of all good things has been written on the golden tablet’s of all mankind’s heart’s.

The power of love will heal all wounds.

Understanding and wisdom are the peace makers.

Goodness of humanity will over come anything.

A kind word turns away wrath.

Understand everything through the eye’s of love.

A fearless understanding comforts all.

Give your love freely in all aspects of your life.

A strong mind understands the weak, giving strength to all in need.

All goodness comes from you living in the pure love.

A kind soul is a blessing to all.

Always be thankful for all things of love in your life.

Just look at one of the greatest teacher of love the world has ever known, Jesus Christ. Jesus lived to teach understanding, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and love. Jesus gave his life to teach everyone the unending power of love that is written on all of our heart’s.

Open your heart and read the beautiful golden tablet’s of the pure love for all. 
It is your choice to accept the unending love freely given to all.
Just accept that which is already yours and together we will end all misery on earth.

A Loving understanding will conquer all. Free yourself of the chains that bind a perfect, beautiful, heart.

Sean K Lancaster

DOC #993150

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