Archie Wilder

After A Visit, by Archie Wilder

You just left and I can’t wait to see you on our next visit. It’s so nice visiting with you, even if it is for a short period of time. I get butterflies anticipating seeing you.Longing for the good conversations that we have, and the laughs that we share 🙂 When we are talking, even though it’s a room full people you are the only person that I see. All the women are putting on their tightest clothing and the lowest cut shirts to visit.But not you, your to much of a lady for that.But that’s what I like about you.You don’t have to dress provocatively to show your sex appeal.You have it naturally. The way you stand, the way you sit, the way you pull your hair behind your ear.And you have a walk that can hypnotize a man by the sway of your hips. And what makes these things so appealing is that they come natural for you.I’m alright with a lil salt &pepper in your hair,even if you don’t like it. It reflects wisdom and experience. And their is no need to be body conscience with me.You are just fine to me.. We could be in room full of supermodels,and your face and body is all that I see. And that’s not just prison talk. I get offers to get hooked up with women all the time. But Im not just interested any woman so I can just pass time. I want something real. Now I know that our visits might not mean as much to you as they do to me.And I’m cool with that.I’m just letting you know what they do for me.They give me a little bit of sunlight in such a dark place.Just your presence makes me happy.No matter if you are in good mood or bad mood, it makes me happy just to visit with you. Being in your company is addictive. That’s why until you set up our next visit I’ll feel like the singer Bill Withers:AINT NO SUNSHINE WHEN SHE’S GONE!And that’s how I feel after our visits.

DOC #414-917

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