Up For Parole, by VonDerek Knuckles

Well here we go again, i am headed to see the parole board in October. It seems to be funny at times when we go before the board. we all have come to call it our resentencing hearing. as it only seems that we go to get our next sentence. But this time i kinda want to think a bit differently than before. As of the first six months of this year, i have come to see more people get to go home on Murder cases than i have my whole bit. Does that mean times are a changin’, only the Lord knows for sure. I look forward to a day when i too can be fortunate enough to get that magic number and get to see what it is to be free. Speakin’ of being free, there is a real cost to being free. Its not just what it is to be here in America, or to be an american citizen. The cost is so much higher than many of us could ever imagine. See i js to be one of those people who took being free for granted, thinking it was just my God given right. But no its not just that, it has more to do with what you do with what you have, what you are willing to give, how you are willing to give of yourself to make things better for all. i like to borrow a line from Peter Parker’s uncle Ben, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” What i use to simply take for granted, i now see the great power in. many a time have i had conversations with guys who could not see the great power in freedom. one time a guy asked me what i would do with my freedom. i expressed how i would use the power of my freedom to visit my mother and other family members. i would take the time to express to them what they truly mean to me. i would no longer take for granted that they know i love them. i would use my power to put my arms around they in ways that i never have before and tell they i love them. i would use my power to give. i realize i was always a take in my former life. That truly is not where the power of freedom comes from. I misread alot of things in my life but i have taken time to reflect on what made me eligible to be incarcerated, i found it was only my abuse of power. So as i sit here ready for change and a possible new start, i know what not to take for granted… my freedom. just sayin!

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